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Agreed, it is a great game! Have you read all the tie-in comics for the Arkham Asylum/City games as well? I still need to finish my playthrough on normal so that I can do new game+ and play the game in my Batman Beyond costume (that's my most favorite batsuit design!). I played all the way through on easy first, because I remembered struggling on Arkham Asylum on easy, but it ended up being too easy lol. I only died once, and that was when fighting the 2nd to last boss, and only because Batman clipped through a corner in the room and got stuck so I couldn't freaking dodge :/ Anyway, I'm about half-way through the main story on my normal playthrough. Got distracted by Skyrim lol.

Anyway I just love how "Batman-y" those games are. It's just like that X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, in that it really makes you FEEL the power and essence of the character, unlike any other games featuring him (Wolverine or Batman haha).

How far into it are you?? Have you checked out any of the dlc? I love playing as Nightwing-- his electrified escrima sticks are so. much. fun.

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@rogue_mar1e: Awww, I really love the new costumes! I especially like Poison Ivy's new bodysuit, it makes her look more modern and much, much more dangerous imo. I really like Black Canary's new costume too... it reminds me of when I when I studied abroad and we went to Geneva and visited DuPont (who make Kevlar), and they showed us the ballistics armor up close, and all the layers. Her costume looks like armor if it didn't have that black top coat.

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@Solarflare32: This would be AMAZING.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: oh, yeah I mentioned it :D I have the first 2, and I love it but I pretty much love anything with the Uncharted gang in it!

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The Witchblade! I've always thought the idea of it was super cool and it looks impressive:

Biotics are really cool weapons too (and they do technically count, since while biotic ability is inherent, it requires technical implants in order to use the ability):

And of course, there's the portal gun (yes, it's a weapon too!!)

And the omniblade!!! Also from Mass Effect <3

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I really love 30 Days of Night myself. It's one of my most favorite series, and since you've already been recommended Fables (second this, heartily!), I recommend 30 Days of Night lol. I really like Hack/Slash too, and you might like Casanova which is by Matt Fraction (it's quite weird, but interesting), or maybe Singularity 7, Wormwood Gentleman Corpse, Human Target... I don't know if you'd be into video game based comics, but they're my guilty pleasures lmao, and if you're interested, Dead Space, Uncharted, InFamous (*has a superhero), Prototype (*has an antihero superhero), Deus Ex, and my personal favorites: Mass Effect and Tomb Raider. I'm not sure if you'd be into any of those, but I figure I'd recommend them just in case! lol

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@X35: Me too!!! I think that game had the absolute BEST Wolverine gameplay EVER. I love how it actually made you feel like Wolverine, and feel as powerful and skilled as him... it was so much fun XD I played it twice in a row haha. I'd be totally happy with a sequel, which they may do if the Wolverine film sequel gets done! That could be especially fun, since the movie is supposed to be set during his time in Japan. Fighting The Hand, Silver Samurai, Lady Deathstrike... that would be so awesome!

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@Mitchiekidd: Nope :X lol.

But you can buy digital comics directly from most publishers, on their websites. A lot of the time they'll offer some good deals or bundles. And there's also comixology, like Billy mentioned, which is an awesome site. I get most of my books there. There's also amazon, that has a lot of great deals. My larger collections are from there. There's also But it's really only a good deal if you buy them on sale or in bundles or with subscription specials. Buying separate digital issues isn't a very good value... But there are some comics where if you buy them now they come with free digital download of that comic as well.

You could always just scan your old comics yourself as well lol. A bit time consuming, but I did it myself, when I started rereading my old comics a few years ago. I scanned them into my laptop so I could take them all with me easily when I traveled. I doubt anyone would have a problem with that :/

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@Jotham: Oooh, good call! Nightwing's first costume is an affront to all superheroes and their deeds lmao. But at least he's now got one of the coolest costumes (well, with the blue. I don't like the red much, that's for Terry!)

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I think one of the absolute worst, and my personal least favorite, it's Psylocke's "classic" costume. It's absolutely hideous for one (she looks like a Street Fighter cast-off in it), and it makes NO sense for her character, and it is so blatantly exploitative it's borderline offensive given what a cool character she is. And the fact she's had other, better, costumes and yet keep getting put back in this ridiculous get-up makes no sense to me.

The fact there are actually people who think this looks GOOD astounds me tbh!
not much better, but an improvement
pretty cool
weird but cool
retro but cool
my favorite. Homages her classic costume but makes sense for her character! And not blatantly sexually exploitative! all-around awesome basically lol