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The 1st team up 0

Invincible teams up with the Teen Team to stop the Mauler twins (one is actully a clone of the other).He also realises that Teen Team member Atom Eve has been in his physics class all this time. Also Mark's heritage and Omni-Man's past are reveled.Also the twin pines mall is blowen up by a man with a bomb for a chest, could this be the work of a new villian good thing a bomb won't hurt Mark becausehe is INVINCIBLE....

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Now he's Invinvible 0

Life as a teenager is never easy ask anyone but it's more difficult for Mark so I guess it helps to be INVINCIBLE. Mark Grayson is a normal teenage kid he's a senior at a normal high school, he has a crappy part time job, he likes girls just doesn't under stand them and he hangs out with his friends. The only difference between Mark and everyone else his age is that his Dad is the most powerful super-hero on the planet and recently Mark seems to be inheriting his Dad's powers....

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FCBD Invincible review. 0

A jumping on point for any one wanting to check this book out. But a must have for any invincible fan it bridges issue 22 to the ending of issue 23.It also gives a summary from the 1st issue up to issue 21 which makes a good starting point for any poteneial fans. The story starts after Amber discovers that Mark is Invincible so he sits here down and tells here how he got his powers when he got them and his first encounters with super-villians none of which Amber has heard of(Like the Elephant). ...

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