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Darkseid - 37 (-4)

Brainiac - 128 (+4)

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Been waiting for him together a bigger role since the new52 began

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@Quicksilver974 said:

I also have to agree that I absolutely love the direction Ultimate X-men is going. Far superior than the other Ultimate titles at the moment. I just read issue 19 and I really wonder how Betsy Braddock/Psylocke is alive. It was pretty clear that she died but I won't be too picky because she is one of my favorite X-men characters. Also they said that there were 20 mutants left; I'm assuming that means 20 just in the U.S. (that they know of) because it's pretty clear that the SEAR is a big mutant community outside the U.S. My top favorite series at the moment along with TMNT.

yea was thinking the same think about their being only 20 left, my own thoughts on that are they just want to keep a small cast for the moment, and concentrate on the group dynamic.

loving the new characters that they introduced, theirs powers and how they use them, especially Mach 2 and Network. Would really like to see across over with ultimate spidey to see Kitty's reaction to Miles

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the only thing that even remotely resembles this is back in young justice when wonder girl had to find a high school but no school would take her, since she didn't have a secret identity they all figured that they'd be under threat from various villains, until she went to the same school as ex-team member Arrowette was attending who at the time was the schools star athlete as a member of the archery team, at first the head mistress wouldn't except her as a student for the obvious reason already mentioned until Cissie threatened to leave the school and take her talents else where

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it has been said that his IQ is 250

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been considering on getting the all JLA figures for awhile now, defiantly going to start getting them now after seeing how sweet they look

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God this totally sucks, this is the 3rd episode gap in young justice, it's one of the best shows on at the moment this should not be happening, really hope it doesn't go the way of Wolverine and the X-men or spectacular spidey, and just when Static was about to appear, really seems CN have a problem with him, still think it sucks that they cancelled his show especially when it was really only beginning with both him and Gear getting power boosts, well that's my rant over.

@MisterKetch: yo whats the Milestone Theory, haven't heard anything about that before

@The Stegman said:

Words cannot express how upset I am right now... Okay, some words can, but they're too vulgar.

same here dude

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issue 15 is a cross over with Aquaman dealing with Atlantis so it makes sense that The flash wouldn't be apart of that mission since he would most likely be usless under water

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F*** yea, Star-girl really hope theirs something between her and Billy like in JSA

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Morrison should stick to DC, is element is big and iconic mythological characters well Whedon is really good with simple character interactions and regular every day guys in extraordinary circumstances