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Eh....Good! 0

The GoodOk before I begin this review I will tell you that its not the Stranger vs. The Haunted Highway Man vs. Dr. 13. If you have at all read this series you will know its a Stranger vs. The Haunter Highway Man. Again this month I love Brent Anderson's art! There is just something about it that pulls me in. Also I love the way they portray him. I know this might tick off some people but I feel like he is the only one in the New 52 with a family and a secret identity. Plus its the hardest for h...

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Yes..... 0

The GoodIn the first few pages I was like eh...but then I continued reading and I was like O.O YES! This book was amazing this month from the fight with Cheetah to the explanation of her origin. It was perfect and the scene between Superman and Wonder Woman is another perfect reason why I pick up this book. The art was very good this month yes there is something that bothers me about the cover and its as if Cyborg is missing a pupil but thats a little to critical I know this.The BadNothing reall...

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I am in Love...... 0

The GoodI have a friend in the comic store and I walked in there with some cash and asked him what book I should pick up. He was like you like Vertigo right. I said ya of course I did I love Hellblazer. So he suggested me this and I picked up the four issues that are out and now I am in love. The good things about this issue it shows a side of Chris we haven't seen much of and we've caught a glimpse of it since issue one. Then it finally comes to it. Chris become Punk Rock Jesus. That's all I'm ...

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IT was an Eh... 0

The GoodI recently picked this up because I was like OMG Lucifer on the cover of Demon Knights #13...turns out not Lucifer I thought it was also picked up Issue zero with that and this book but back to this book. I picked it up for two reasons A. IT had Etrigan in it and it mentioned Demon Knights. B. Because I heard Spectre was in it. The good was at least for me is I haven't picked up an issue of this yet and picking up this one I felt as if I didn't need to know nothing about them because I k...

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PIcked it back up! 0

The GoodSo I did drop this book after Issue Nine but once I heard Lobdell was writing it and Rocafort was doing the art it was like O.O YES! So last week I went and picked up the Annual and Issue 0 and I loved the things I saw! Then I picked up this issue and was very happy with what I read. I loved what I read. I am very interested with this H'el character he looks as if he is wearing Superman's Pre-52 costume with the speedo. But then he also looks like a Prime and Bizzaro mix so I am very exc...

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He is back! 0

The GoodWell most people are saying this issue was not as good as it thought. But in my perspective I thought it was a perfect issue and I loved it. Then we finally have a origin to go with him. And his origin is pretty bad ass in my point of view. Then what else we did we see in this issue. None other then The Spectre! I won't go in depth about how he came to appear and came to be. You'll just have to pick up the issue and see. I believed it was a good issue. And to me the art was not that bad ...

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Amazing! 0

The GoodI will admit I dropped Wonder Woman after issue seven. But I only picked this book up for one reason I heard Orion was in it. And I'm so glad I did pick it up! It was amazing it had everything from action to unsuspected turns! Wish I could think of more words to describe it but I'm at a lost of wordsThe BadWanted more explanation about ORION! Other then that absolutely nothing.The VerdictPick up this book! Even if your a New Gods fan! Its amazing! So go pick it up right now. I KNOW YOUR ...

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The calling me 0

The GoodLoved every panel of this comic. From the first panel to the last panel. This is the Hunger Games of the Dc Universe. Teen Titan vs. Legion Lost vs. Ravagers vs. Other people that are not so important so I do not know there names. This is just one great comic. They introduce one familiar face every Young Justice fan will know. Love how this comic has Superboy's first appearance through the whole comic as a Titan. I don't read Legion much but after this comic I have to definitely pick up ...

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The GoodI'm not going to be like the rest of the people hating on this book. I liked it a lot. You people are getting mad over ARTWORK! Are you f**kin serious?! Its not all about art its about story too. And yes it has a solid story and I love it. Especially the scene between Cap and Cyclops. You don't understand when a man loses someone he loves to someone like that of course he will become more serious about it and want it to be controlled. I love where there coming from. I can not wait for th...

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