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If it wasn't a quirky joke and Whedon was serious, I don't think it was ever a let's use Rulk rather than the Hulk situation. It was likely an early effort to tie in the Stark approaching the General Ross about "putting a team together" scene. Maybe some sort of cameo even.. with the General's eyes glowing yellow after Nick Fury looking away causing audiences to say.. WTF!

But agreed, having the Leader turn Ross into the Rulk would make an amazing TIH sequel one day!

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HULK Issue # 50

Jeff Parker (W)
Carlo Pagulayan (A/C)

Variants by:
Arthur Adams
Humberto Ramos
Walter Simonson
Blank Cover Also Available

A Great Jumping On Point, As The Ghoulish Haunted Hulk Arc Begins! Who Or What Is The Dark Figure Hunting Red Hulk?  Can Red Hulk’s Might Match Malevolent Magic?  Appearances By Dr. Strange, Red She-Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Daredevil And Others We Aren’t At Liberty To Divulge!
48 Pgs.

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It's not a preview Kallarkz, the issue is already out.

Cable says to Red Hulk (who he believes is Talbot) I "..fought you before... and everytime... you lose.." ...yet I read some comments from an avid Cable fan indicating that Cable has never crossed paths with Talbot.

So if that's true then I would assume Cable came from an alternate future where Talbot still lived... and was ultimately approached by the Intelligencia with the same offer that we witnessed go to Ross.


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Spoiler Alert:

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Okay, thanks. Hey no hard feelings. 
There's a lot of people who hate the Red Hulk  I know a lot of the old-timer Banner Hulk fans that really do hate him.  On the otherhand, there's a lot of people who like the Red Hulk.. some people who never liked the Banner Hulk to begin with.  Heck that CBR Reviewer I referred to in the beginning said " The string of issues that Parker has delivered is the longest I’ve read any Hulk title ".  So there's both sides.  Just like I know some people I'm sure agree with you that it's losing justification.  And... I'm sure some people agree with me it's just the opposite.  I guess my point is I just have trouble with general sweeping statements... like everyone feels THIS way, not your way... rather than giving just an opinion.   But we're cool.  Thanks. 

To me at it's CORE, the Hulk is a monster tale. Banner is a non-imposing scientific man who struggles with the classic Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde treatment. Even while temporarily controlled (or currently separated) it's about the eventual uncontrollable raging monster within. Rulk on the other hand is the stubborn, brash, self-righteous arrogant ex-General who has all the military might he has ever dreamed of at his fingertips.. at a time where he has lost faith in the country and any respect for the chain of command he followed his entire adult life. He's just the same hard-assed, cold, pompous military genius who's now a one man army (who just executed an unsanctioned, personal war operation in the Middle East.)  
So I love them both.  They are really enjoyably, quite different!
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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Interesting review, since practically everyone else is in almost universal agreement in thinking "when is this gonna be wrapped up?" In other words, how long with Thunderbolt being a Hulk shtick will there be? I mean I LOVE this ongoing but even I at this point am asking that question now.

You love it yet you're wondering when it's going to be wrapped up? Everyone is in universal agreement? Shtick? Dude. Just be a hater. Don't pretend your something else and you know how everyone feels. If you are a fan, you would know Jeff Parker has received 2011 Best Writing recognition and tons of acclaim for his Red Hulk series this past year from the likes of Comic Book Resources, IGN, iFanboy and more. They are not wondering when it will end... they are recommending more readers to jump aboard. So whatever dude.
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... Comic Book Resources says it's the perfect time.

Not only did Comic Book Resources give the latest issue of Jeff Parker’s HULK a glowing review recently, but they also recommended HULK Issue # 47 as a great jumping on point! Here are the highlights:

“This book is consistently a treat. Jeff Parker not only delivers fun, adventure-filled stories with believable characters, but he finds a voice for every character and, every single time, it’s the right voice. The string of issues that Parker has delivered is the longest I’ve read any Hulk title. While Parker has been crafting a continuous story all the way through that run, he’s accomplished enough to make every issue a decent spot for newer readers. This issue is more than simply a decent entry point: it’s the best spot since “Hulk” #42. The story is just going to continue to ramp up from here, so you may as well give it a go right now”

Click on the link to read the entire review: page=user_review&id=4330



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