RULK TV : Red Hulk debuts on television at last!!

Already a great series in it's own right, a trailer has now hit the web for Season Two of AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES.  This time, among it's cast of characters, it features the long awaited televison debut of no one other than General Thaddeus Ross as the Red Hulk! 
Check out these Screenshots: 

Red Hulk debuts on television at last!


Hulk versus Rulk
And here is the link to the Trailer : 
A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.  
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Posted by PrinceIMC

I can't wait for the second season, not necessarily for the Red Hulk but I'm interested in what they'll do with him.

Posted by danhimself

man that was awesome! but I'm really upset that I didn't know that it was on the Thor bluray

Posted by MrMazz

Snazzy stuff right there. Can't wait for second seasone hopefully they go bigger with Marvel Heroes and villians. When did Nick Fury go bald? They the like amblgram version for a while but I don't remember him going full Ultimate version.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

nick fury had a receding hairline lol.

Posted by RedHulk
I would imagine they will adapt the villain origin of the Red Hulk, but I wonder if they will touch upon his redemption that eventually leads him to joining the Avengers. Banner Hulk would be long gone by then though...
Posted by ReVamp

IMHO opinion this is stupid. I could do without the Loeb force in TV too. No but seriously, so many good characters and they choose the Red Hulk? WTF. I want Nova, Silver Surfer, FF (which are going to be), I want Magneto, I want She Hulk even..., I want Bucky, I want Luke Cage, I want Iron Fist, I want Private Detective Jessica Jones, but I don't want Red Hulk. No Offense to fans but... I don't. I know its not about me, but I'm entitled to my opinion.

Posted by iLLituracy


Posted by Samurai Condoms

Very nice.

Posted by RedHulk
You want Bucky even?? Wow... now that would be.. umm... thrilling for Earth's mightiest!! :)
Posted by Dracade102

This looks awesome!! 
 I was excited enough to see Dr. Doom & Ms. Marvel show up in season 2, now Rulk & anybody else from here is just extra awesome.

Posted by War Killer

EPIC! Can't wait for Season Two to start!!! ^____^

Posted by daredevil21134

I would like Daredevil to show up

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

I WANT DEADPOOL!!!!!!!! He's fought the Avengers before so it's not like he'd be out of place.