RULK TV : Red Hulk a villian in new ABC HULK Television Series?

Guillermo del Toro

When it was announced that writer / director Guillermo del Toro was developing a new “HULK” television series for Disney’s ABC network, there was a lot of speculation regarding what type of Hulk incarnation would Guillermo bring to home audiences.   Would it be faithful to the framework the film “The Incredible Hulk” starring Ed Norton already established?   Would it be a reboot of the classic Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno 1970’s television series?   Apparently, del Toro wasn’t even sure at first.  

We've gone through a lot of iterations with the ABC project and we're very happy where we are right now. We are just waiting for the green light to go to pages.” he told MTV.   Ultimately, the majority of Hulk fans had no idea what to expect. 

Then, this morning I received the following brief e-mail. 

David Eick and Guillermo del Toro submitted a treatment that includes the development of the Red Hulk as a villain.   Thought you might like to know” 

Bam.  That’s it. 
I have no way of collaborating this info, and I haven’t been able to determine who this person is or his/her legitimacy is at this point.   Could it be possible?   Maybe.   Maybe not.   We do know that Guillermo has publically praised the work of writer Jeph Loeb (co-creator of the Rulk) in more than one occasion, and expressed his desire to create a series more faithful to the comic.   We also do know that the Red Hulk comic has been outselling the Green Hulk comic for a couple years now (and executives pay attention to sales).   But would ABC approve such a storyline?   Maybe… but please take this rumor for what it is… a rumor.  

Stay hopeful, throw salt over your shoulder, and wish the demons and warlocks away. 

RULK versus HULK
A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.  
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Posted by cattlebattle

this is interesting

Posted by Loki9876

how can you make a hulk television show will that not look incredibly fake.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I'm just not sure this can translate to TV effectively now, The original as sometimes corny as it was is classic. This day and age the CG I have doubts about.

Edited by RedHulk
@Omega Ray Jay

Del Toro is the ultimate monster creator... and he indicated he would use a combination of CGI and practical effects, i.e. an animatronic Hulk.  It could look somewhat like this work: 

Posted by cattlebattle
@RedHulk: Yes!
Generally, when ever Guillermo Del Toro is involved with anything comic related, you know he'll take it seriously and do a good job
Posted by Loki9876

i hope so that would be one badass television show

Edited by RedHulk

If you fast-foward 1:31 into this second video, you can see a little more of the robotic Hulk.  In this clip they actually applied some of the flesh onto the animatronic skeleton, resulting in some really realistic hand and finger movements.