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Does anyone know Aracely's age? In the beginning of scarlet spider she looked 15-16 but in new warriors she looks more like an adult.

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Now that we have a closer look at the Mutivesity map of parallel dimensions, when are we going to see some characters from earth prime see more of them?

3 potential characters that can venture into different dimensions are Cisco Ramon "Vibe" and Jason Todd "Red Hood" and Victor Stone "Cyborg". Vibe ability to manipulate interdimensional energy would allow him to travel from dimension to dimension. And Jason Todd being a member of the All-Caste gives him access to the chamber of all which is a Nexus to all dimensions. And Cyborg being able to open Boom Tubes.

With the series Vibe being canceled I was just wondering when we might get a series where we see characters from earth prime go dimension hopping kind a like that show sliders. Jason Todd was a part of the series pre-new 52 where he was on a team of heroes called The challengers of beyond going between all the different dimensions.

So who would like to see a series where either of these characters go dimension hopping if not both of them going? Also you could incorporate the characters from all there series to make a full-fledged team.

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Got to give it to shredder, the man can fight all 4 turtles, Splinter, and Casey Jones at the same time. The turtles are great fighters with enhanced attributes, and splinter is a master, and Casey though not on the turtles or splinter level but still above average fighter. Though batman has better tech I think in skill the are about even, but in Ability Shredder is proven. And the fact that Shredder holds nothing back during a fight and Batman does means that another edge Goes to Shredder.

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The cover of the red hood and the outlaws looks like Jason slept with kory and Roy is pissed off and betrayed. I love Red hood and the outlaws but damn that art sucks.

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I hate this change because there trying to give dick an angle that Jason Todd and even more obviously Bucky Barnes have. Him using a gun, him possible killing people, him not even changing his identity which is the point when he was outed by the syndicate. I'll buy the first issue but I'm sure he won't fit this Jason Todd like antics. This also sucks for Jason Todd fans because now it makes him look less unique and just another former robin gone to the grey side of life.

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This is a Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes rip off. Nope not for me.

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X-O Manowar VS Cable

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I'd like to see her and John Stewart give it try.

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Red hood is essentially batman with guns. These guys dodge bullets for a living, so got to go with dc. Plus deadshot can kill five people with one ricochet. Chances for marvel are slim.

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Agnes Garbowska for the MTWin!!!