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I like the Kyle/Carol relationship. Yes its because I'm probably the biggest Kyle Rayner fan and I feel he deserves to be happy. I think that the relationship that Geoff built for Hal and Carol was never meant to go anywhere. Hal can't grow up. He's not meant to be in a relationship. At least not a romantic one. His path, his destiny was always to be the leader of the GL Corps. That is why the dynamic of his and Carlo's relationship would never work. He was more about being a hero to everyone else than being a companion to anyone.

The Flash and Patty Spivot though. That bugs me. I don't like that. Its supposed to be Flash and Iris. Not some chick he works with just because she is on the same intellectual level as him. That won't work. I truly believe that they will be killing her off. It will be something that is considered his greatest failure. Almost on the same level as Kyle and Alex.

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I for one, not really being a huge fan of John Stewart, think that Denzel is the perfect person to play him. I like the Rock but I really think that he should stick with non super hero related movies. Its not his style. He's more the cop, swat, fbi, cia etc type of thing. There is one other person that no one seems to think of to play the role of John Stewart. And that is Shemar Moore. If you've ever seen an episode of Criminal Minds when he is bald and sports his goatee he looks very similar to John Stewart.

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@htb106: Where did you hear that? The only thing I've heard of people getting when they pre order is a little Lex Luthor lego figure. Where would I go to get Damian as a playable character?

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And The Batman show wasn't too bad. I wasn't too fond of the way the Joker looked but I was entertained by it. I own all seasons of The Batman as well as Batman the Animated Series. And I also own all the seasons of Batman Beyond. I love all of them for different reasons. I thought the Teen Titans show was a joke and was glad that they finally made that go away.

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I like all of his looks in all the animated shows he's been in except this god awful disgrace.

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I just dig the fact that he's in the show as Nightwing now and that Tim is Robin in this case. It was just the right direction to go. Promote Dick to Nightwing and bring in Tim to fill as Robin thus giving us both Nightwing and Robin in the same show.

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I'm excited for the game even if you can't play as the Red Hood. They're a lot of fun to play. But it would add to the greatness of the game by adding Jason into it.

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@DarthShap: I enjoyed the Lost Days arc. But for the simple fact that it was the only book out at the time that was only about Jason. But Lobdell does a good job of keeping his characterization consistent. I don't know if you have been reading Red Hood and the Outlaws but its good. And he is consistent. If you haven't read any of it you should give it a shot.

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So I don't know if he is in the game. But how many people out there think that Jason deserves to be in the game as a playable character? I for one do. I know that if he is it probably won't be in the main story just in the free play. But it would be awesome to be able to play as a lego Red Hood.


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@DarthShap: Well to be fair to the character you can't blame that on him. Its the writer that makes him inconsistent. Lobdell is by far the best writer for the character. And before anyone says "What about WInick?" Yes Winick did a great job too. I just like the direction Lobdell took him now. Winick did a great job. He's the reason I like Jason again. But its the book thats out now that's made me like the character that much more.