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Batmans gear gives an advantage over blades...yes blade has a sword WHO HOOO! BUT i do have Blade taking this if theres no prep. Batman would give him a fight no doubt, but in the end itd prob be blade.

as for blades bite i agree with that one post, id like to see him try.

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@paladinhero89 said:

I would have taken out the sash. lol

And loose that slimming figure? i dont think so!

before that image x was my choice.

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I think cap gives him trouble but thats a win, and wolverine gets a V. undecided on ironfist.

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WHAT? azbats? im hurt and confused. Probably the entire X-Team in new X-Men

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@PrinceIMC said:

Yeah neither team is going to win, they're going to come to some realization that they need to be working together in the end. Or Wanda will team up with a revived Jean and just wipe all the bad stuff from people's memories. I mean who 'won' the Civil War? Anybody? No not really anybody.

Speedball! too soon? If there was a real winner id hope its the X-Men.

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Luckily i was bigger than most and still am 6'4 represennnt! so ive never really been bullied. i was a sorta bully in my younger years but took to the defense of my fellow band kids in my highschool years. playing football people knew i could break them in half and being in band i made a lot of friends most people would never give a chance or would make fun of just cuz their own dick is small.

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I mean..i applaud the self defense but the 12 times is a little...excessive...i dont think he should get off all charges, but i dont think he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. what happened to the old days where fisticuffs solved everything and teddy roosevelt was everyones hero?

in lighter news i got a DROID and now im in financial ruin :(

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You cant hate roy! hes in recovery!!!

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you guys are forgetting the part of battle for the cowl where tim in a batsuit comes for Jason in his makeshift Bat-Cave and Jason played with tim and then stabbed him in the chest. his booby traps knocked catwoman out of commission. He fought quite well against dick and damian i believe he used damian as a club to hit dick. Cheshire is has a rep for no reason. Scandal Savage has more feats and hooootzpah.

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I like Cyclops, but a kid raped me with him in MvC2 once and i just cant look at him the same way again. :(

ok im going to sleep! finally. a return 5! ill never be able to sleep!!!