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i think ultimate cap takes the edge on this.... he's bigger,faster,stronger, and more vicious than his 616 counterpart without losing that same tactical mindset. Deathstroke is no stranger to superhumans and several teen titans as well as batman. Keep in mind batman isnt superhuman and cant deliver the same blow ult cap could nor keep up with caps speed. Superboy, wondergirl, and cyborg are more reckless than cap usually preferring to try to overpower deathstroke..... Iknow what youre thinking "but ultimate cap always charges in" he is a far more versatile and skilled fighter than any of the aforementioned DC heroes save batman. Like batman he is well versed enough to pose a threat to deathstroke in hand to hand, pair that with superhuman reflexes rivaling his own I think deathstroke is in trouble. I would compare Ult Caps healing factor to deathstrokes in that hes not impervious, but 'a broken bone isnt gunna hold him down....

Ult cap is willing to use guns and doesnt pull punches against his foes. Hell he knocked out giant man and successfully boxed the ult. hulk for several panels which is an incredible feat by itself. Deathstroke is favorite character of mine, but even with his enhanced reflexes, healing, and combat experience...I just dont see him being able to control the fight against cap like he does the teen titans or batman. He would be fighting on a level of competition i dont think he could sustain successfully. Deathstroke is all about the upper hand and knowing your opponent. Patience and planning aren't enough to keep Ult Cap down

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jason...he's done it before!

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O_0 What about Colossus Juggernaut

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Impact Webbing :D Ben Reilly :,) .... anyway I think the addition of venom swings it spiderteams way....a little sad 2099 isnt here

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Jason takes this. It wouldn't be as easy as people are saying though

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It really is a sad end to a historic entertainer....I can't think of anyone who could crack me up like he can. Rest in peace and thanks for all the laughs especially during my childhood

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@outside_85: I will use that second panel line every day...except im not married :( forever aloooooone!

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ben reilly?! COULD IT BE?! No...I'll just be in my corner...alone...

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this series is awesome. At first I wandered around yelling "Honey, WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT?!", But the series has grown on me a lot. Even if the art is lil off I hope they're able to keep the story quality.

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loved this series. hope the show happens