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:,) Today is a good day...

BEN MUTHA FFFIN REILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he dies again i dont think my heart could take pretty attached to Kaine as well....I CANT WATCH! but ill buy....every single issue.. :] there is a god and he is a Ben Reilly fan

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Ben Reilly is dead :( still dead!!! its coming up on 20 years! DAMN YOU COMICS!

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I have much more faith in Cap 3

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riot shields aren't exactly light....its tiring running with one....i figure 1... none...who knows

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its a fun series. i like it. i like it a lot :3

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Sigh.....this flag was a battle flag and not even commonly used....rednecks and ignorant folks of all walks have twisted this out of proportion.....I actually had family serve in the CSA. I dont fly the flag or feel a need to, but the fact I might not be able to is infuriating...also a breach of free speech....the war was also not about solely slavery... owning a slave at the time was equivalent to owning a Rolls Royce. 4% of all plantations were anything like you saw in Roots. (if you dunno you should watch it)

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@redhood21: that's what I've been begun thinking happend (though I think a medical report came out that the cop was heavily swollen around his eye but nothing broken), but I'm keeping my mind open till the trials

That's honestly the best thing you can do what more people should do (self included). You sir have earned a follow!!!

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@cgoodness said:

@redhood21: can you post a link please?

news has been playing his version of events for a while along with footage...i also have friends in the field...

his story goes like this (condensing)

kid had committed gas station robbery prior (he was unaware it was this kid)

attempts subject stop (a consent stop unless cause for detention is found) as he attempts to get out kid pushes him back him back in.... attempts to get out kid gets on top...breaks cops orbital and goes for gun...gun out of holster and turned on cop it goes off, but at an angle away from cop the kids run...he challenges the kid (meaning yelling FREEZE). kid says whatre you gunna do shoot me? charges cop and is shot several times only falling once struck in forehead....

keep in mind kid is over 6'0 and upwards of 220.... if he already overpowered the cop physically he's more than justified to shoot... autopsy report theyve been showing is all front entry wounds several chest and 2 head. its believed he was on something and yes PCP will keep you going on a or several gun shots...ive seen a guy around 130lb do a push up with 6 cops holding him down...

all im saying is at the end of the day this wasnt a good person that was killed and the best way to stay alive is do what they ask....if theres a blatant racist cop or interraction with them call the news, call the go for a cops gun for one reason and it isnt to make sure they get home safe....

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more info came out and the cops story is supported by the coroners report... the "eye witnesses" accounts are disproved by it...not saying his story is 100% accurate, but theirs is 100% wrong so.......(i.e. not shot in the back or point blank)