Why Deadpool's Death is a GEWD thing.

So Deadpool is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters and he has had some amazing runs (Cable and Deadpool FTW). His popularity grew as did his detractors, but you couldn't deny his selling ability. He was showing up everywhere on comic covers to books he probably shouldn't be in. His over saturation really took down the quality of his character and his series. He had more ongoing titles than new 52 Batman. These titles led to real confusion on his ability (he can fight the Hulk one day, and loose to any rando the next?). Things really got out of hand with his mental state...Deadpool is crazy and we like him crazy, but the humor was trying too hard. way too hard. Pool-o-Vision being the most blatantly bad attempt. Then having up to four voices in your head makes things ridiculous and forces jokes that are just not there.

However, in Uncanny X-Force, Remender has the ideal Deadpool. He is crazy, funny, skilled, conflicted, and most of all not annoying. Well not to the reader anyway. Unless you have no soul. Deadpool's upcoming death will be a blow to X-Force, but allow another line up change that i'm sure will be awesome. Anyway, his death will allow fans and not fans to take a breath and miss the character. The saturation stops and who knows maybe his return will get a big name (Remender PLEASE!!!). The point is that he's become tired and rather than run the character fully into the ground, they're allowing a graceful and hopefully honor bound way out. I will miss him, but he wont be gone long not like he's Ben Reilly (seriously are they trying to break Jason Todd's record?).

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