The perfect way to make an omelette (without breaking eggs!)

So recently ive started reading Hitman by Garth Ennis....many will write this character off as a cheap punisher ripoff dripping with 90's. They're only half right. It was certainly the 90's. Hitman has that dark humor seen in a lot of Ennis' work, but overall the series is very lighthearted and does'nt take itself too seriously. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. I'm also disturbed by the Lack of Ambush Bug in my world...I'm a deadpool fan and i think his constantly fluxuating popularity (lets be honest he sells books whether you like him or not) [so there] proves Ambush Bug could do the same for DC if not better. Lets be honest, news reporter ant exactly the job a guy who's rolled with the JL and Doom Patrol deserves....a mini series? One shot? Animated short? something!!! I also started JL beyond, superman beyond, and batman beyond....these are all pretty well written and only 99cents! forget maclamore and buy good cheap comics. what else can i ramble about.....MY OLD REPUBLIC CHARACTER IS DEAD!!! i left the game forever ago....came back and had to start all over.....the horror..the horror...I cant believe young justice was cancelled....BEST DANG CARTOON...goodbye 2nd childhood.... also if my 1 roommate doesnt stop watching teen mom all the time SHE'S A DEAD MAN!!!

salt for now. will i finally clean the bathroom? vacuum my room? trim the "hedges"?!!! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

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