Economic BOOM!!!

time to live the dream soon! few months left till cad. should be saving but i keep splurging on comics and stuff. mostly stuff. bought revan and palpatine mighty muggs. soon as im making the big bucks an e/fx lightsaber is in my future. too many comics to read. just started ultimates (yea i know its late), invincible ultimate col. vol 2, gunna start hellboy and BPRD, flash, red hood and the outlaws, venom, uncanny x force, and much much more. call now! I really wish 616 cap was like Ult. Cap. Ult is a lot tougher. HE IS AMERICA! lot funnier in how he handles things too. its pretty late and im gettin off topic.... v-day coming up and i havnt gotten the gf anything.... i know she got me a ton and im running out of time!!!!! wheres a delorean when you need it?

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