I was thinking about spiderman reign and other heroes when theyre no longer heroes and then I was left wondering about the power rangers. I know the original red ranger went to a local community college near me and was a bar tender (now hes a DC paramedic). The green/white ranger is now fat and does UFC/MMA stuff. Where are the rest of them?! Do they have jobs? Are they alive? Do they take to the streets in tattered uniforms and fight crime with perfectly choreographed back flips? Can they still do back flips?

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Hey Paul

This new burger place near my work cleverly named BGR has this poster of hue lewis and the news and i thought id treat myself to a blog post!


Crime never sleeps...

And neither does Martina McBride! i.... played some gears of war 3 with some friends, but as time passed reflexes slowed. Cant sleep and the gf is watching king of the hill on netflix at MAX VOLUME. who hoooo! Ill pay her back in full by taking the remote and watching POIROT! For those not in the know Poirot is the real Batman of France! ..who works in England. Hes probably got the best mustache in the history of television. If you have a problem. if you can find him. if your dog/husband/recliner/bee keeper is missing you might just hire POIROT!

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Today is the day! The road to a new YOU!

Ive never blogged before...HERE WE GO!!! So today I got my oil changed and was told my transmission fluids leaking...if it can still do a kessel run I dont care. Havnt read any comics lately because every bookstore in my rea went out of bidness! yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! No more literary quests :( Christmas is around the corner and my buddy and I went balls deep in Christmas spirit. 1,500 lights per bush on his house. We got snowflake gardens next to the white tree forest cascading towards rudoplh run. We also got these crazy tube lights that flash all kinds of lights wrapped all over a tree. His 30 some brother saw the lights and either out of the displays majesty or hatred of christmas drove on his lawn... Hakuna matata? So ive been dowloading RAAM's shadow for like 40 minutes and its not even 70%. whoo hoo. I have one of those russian hats and i really wanna put bat ears on it. I think its necessary. Going to start gyming it up again. Reading this im thinking i need to spice up my blogz. I promise ill have more fun stuff later. Its a recession lay off man!