Ive been reading Judge Dredd for a while now. The character is great, the stories are great, and there just seems to be something more elaborate about 2000ad comics than what i get out of my favorites at DC and Marvel. Recently Ive dug into the collections of the old stories for ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper, and Slaine. Theyre all amazing!!! these stories are far older than I and have aged incredibly well compared to most comics from their day. ABC Warriors is a little ridiculous, but the cast is fun and I cant stop reading about the stuff they get themselves into. Rogue Trooper is another interesting one. I got War Machine which is the 90s reboot of Rogue Trooper (original is on the way). The art is interesting and almost chaotic but given the atmosphere it makes sense. The story is pretty engrossing and i tore through the whole collection in record time!!!! like one sitting (no potty breaks). Finally Slaine! His book reads like a more humorous Conan and is very well done. I love the character and the black humor that runs rampant in 2000AD comics. Im really just rambling here but isnt that what a blog wants...what a blog needs.... ISNT IT?!!?

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