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Currently, we are working on a fan trailer for HUSH. We're big fans of the comic, so we thought it would be fun to film a trailer for it over the summer. This is strictly being made for fun, and we're all hoping that one day, HUSH will be made into some kind of proper adaptation. Until then, we're hoping that this will do for now. What do you guys want/expect to be in this trailer?
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Now I don't mean EXACTLY like it, I know that a device like that could lift someone that high off the ground and go that fast. But for argument's sake, suppose that a device could temporarily lift someone off the ground for at least a short amount of time, and actually move, not at a fast pace, but still move. What do you guys think, could the Goblin Glider (or something like it) really exist in our own world?

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I'm not ashamed to say that I believe Gwen Stacy is hotter.
My opinion though.

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I am currently working on my own adaptation of the Killing Joke. It is for my school film festival, but I have actually been working on it for almost 2 years now. It will be re-titled "One Bad Day", because I don't necessarily want people to realize it is a Batman film when watching it, until the very end, king of like...a joke? Anyway, it only tells the Joker "origin" and omits the other parts of the story, Barbara Gordon's paralysis, Gordon's test of will, and Batman against the Joker in the end. I may, however, put in the monologue Joker gives to Batman at the end, about how a man can go insane from one bad day. If you have any questions, please ask. Hopefully it will be uploaded in July or August.

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I am SO confused on how this relationship works. FIRST: In Under The Hood (Comic) you see Jason escaping Ras al Ghul (as an adult) and Talia randomly kisses him...before pushing him off a cliff. In the Lost Days story arc, Jason escapes as a teen NOT an adult. And does Jason just grow older at an excellerated rate, or do the events in Lost Days take place over a few years? Another thing? In the last issue of Lost Days (Which takes place before Hush) Talia tells Jason that Ras is dead, even though in Hush, he is CLEARLY alive (Although I may have missed one of the Ras al Ghul stories. She then randomly starts making out with Jason. Even JASON seems perplexed by these events. I ACTUALLY think Talia is MORE confusing then the Joker himself, but this is straying off topic. Basically...IS TALIA INTERESTED IN JASON/ USING HIM/ OR HAVE HER FORM OF INSANITY?

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Thanks, this is extremely helpful. Hopefully Christopher Nolan will one day respond to the question. LOL!

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Yeah! She is (no pun intended) COOL! She should have had at least one episode all to herself. She ALSO needed her own action figure. I mean, just yesterday, I was looking at the DCAU Justice League figures, and there is ACTUALLY a Cyborg figure (NOT the one from the Teen Titans show). My point is, if a character (who never even appeared in the show) fets an action figure, why can't Killer Frost. Another thing, that you might find interesting, is that THIS Killer Frost may in fact be related to Nora Fries The wife of Mr. Freeze). This is because: Frost is voiced by the same person who voices Dora (Nora's sister) and at the ending of the last episode for Gotham Girls, Dora falls into unknown chemicals (much like Freeze) and she is placed in "cold storage" and she is shown to have glowing red eyes. Whatever the case, yes Killer Frost kicked but, and as she said, "Kiss my frosty but!"

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I read Under the Hood again recently, and I discovered that Freeze seems more sadistic then he has before. He seems to genuinely enjoy killing people now, rather then simply killing people in his way. He now seems to be like Prometheus and/or Firefly (ironic, since they have teamed up in The Batman cartoon). Maybe it's because I haven't been able to find (and therefor read) any Freeze comics, but I need to ask, is he ALWAY like he was in the Red Hood comic, or was it just for that one issue?

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There were actually 3 connections. That was one of them, but here are the two others.
2) When Jason Todd emphasizes the fact that The Joker crippled friends of Batman. This would seem to indicate Barbara Gordon (and other unknown victims.)
1) This is my main point. When Batman arrives at the chemical plant, he has a flashback about his encounter with The Red Hood (Joker). In the flashback, it heavily seems to imply that The Joker was a pawn to another group of criminals. He seems for concerned about how he got in this predicament then he is about the 7 foot man dressed as a bat. Joker says; "It's a set up, Wait! I'm not a crook, I swear!" He then tries to take off the Hood before falling into the chemicals. Although these exact words are not in "Killing Joke", this film seems to take into account that The Joker in this film, was probably an unfortunate man, rather than a brutal criminal, before becoming The Clown Prince of Crime.