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Darn that Sinestro! 0

Cover:  Excellent art that displays exactly what is going on with regard to the storyline.  Randy Mayor's art creates a great feel for what you hope to expect in this epic conclusion, and in this one rare exception I actually prefer his art to Ed Benes'! Shocking!    Story:  Well now, it seems that the truce between Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps has raised the stakes in favor of the warriors of fear.  Still, they face some powerful nemesis in the Qwardian Thunderers and the weapons the...

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Shame to see it End 0

    Well, it would seem that the Manhunt miniseries has finally come to an end.  The Intelligencia has been rounded up by Jen and Lyra this issue and all is seemingly right with the world considering Bruce and the other good Hulks got vengeance for the former's shenanigans. And just like other issues we have Lyra coming to the sad conclusion that all "freak" superheroes must face: that invariably the ones they protect also see their protectors as monsters.  Simple sad conclusion, though the mora...

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"Just Peachy!" 0

    Logan constantly says that he is the best there is at what he does, even if what he does isn't very nice.  That proves to be more than the case for this simplistic storyline.  We begin with Logan fighting Lizard and tearing through a seaside sushi shop, much to the dismay of its economically downtrodden owner.  To make amends, Logan agrees to not only help make a sushi order to keep her business afloat, but even offers to rescue her father who apparently has gone the way of Jonah and has got...

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Insane in the Matrix Brain 0

    In summarizing the events of this issue, Superman has just recently returned to Earth following the Exile arc and has to deal with Matrix having some kind of identity crisis.  The crisis stemmed from Matrix foolishly touching the Kryptonian artifact known as the Eradicator and thus becoming one with Clark's memories and hence comes to the conclusion that it is Superman.  It causes Matrix to have destructive episodes, such as the destruction of a commercial store in Smallville and the tempora...

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