Rise of Eclipso...repeat of Darkness Within?

It would seem that Eclipso is on the verge of cutting loose upon the DC universe once more, what with the subtle messages we received in the "Dark Things" JLA/JSA crossover as well as the "Omega" storyline.  What concerns me is the hints we are getting at what Eclipso's trying to do and how he's going about doing it, leading me to the conclusion that this event for 2011 seems like a near repeat of 1992's "Darkness Within" event.  After all, look at the similarities between things like the Heart of Darkness and the Starheart and what roles they have played in loosing Eclipso.  And what of the role that Jade and Valor had in helping bring about his influence.  And do we remember how Eclipso met defeat at the end of the Darkness Within? Yes, exactly.  Its making me wonder then if Mikaal Tomas is going to be the next sacrificial lamb for solving this upcoming problem considering he's Starman now.  One can only wonder! 

Starman (Mikaal Tomas)
Posted by Maniac2312

Was just thinking these thoughts my self recently.....
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Thanks for the comments! Yes, striking similarities, huh?
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

It seems similar, but Robinson is apparently having Eclipso only controlling characters with shadow powers to summon some sort of "shadow-Cthulu"  probably going to tie-in/lead in to the Shade maxi series. I don't think he's going to off Mikaal so soon, I'd give him a few more years before that happens.