New 52 One Year Later Signing

Howdy to all on the Vine, and here is another wonderful tale of me rubbing shoulders with some of the finest talent in the comics industry. My LCS for this day decided to host a signing event celebrating the Zero Month celebration of New 52's anniversary. It will go down as one of the most memorable afternoons I had ever known as there were four famous creators that came to sign their Zero issues, including Brian Buccellato, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kyle Higgins, and Mike Johnson. But enough of the blab and onto the proof!

The pen is mightier than the sword!

Meeting Booch was quite awesome and he was so generous for this event that prior to it being held, he gave a message on FB saying that whatever people had to sign that he'd be more than happy to sign it. Well for me that included having him sign the Zero Issue of the current New 52 Flash plus signing the 2010 Brightest Day Flash #1 issue. In addition I had him sign New 52 Superman #1, Exterminators #1, Adventure Comics #1 (2009), and Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, Oracle #1. We chatted, and I even talked to him about a certain female acquaintance of mine's penchant for coloring and got some helpful hints from him to pass to her for what she can do to get exposure in the industry. She knows who she is, and you're welcome. :)

So serious!

Joshua Hale Fialkov is an artist with words first and foremost, and what he has done for the world of vampires in his current ongoing I, Vampire in DC's New 52 is a godsend to restoring the wholesome goodness that characterized the undead prior to the release of the filth that is known as the Twilight Saga. Yes, I said it, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Anyway, his literary majesty was a true gentleman and signed my zero issue of the ongoing as well as my copy of DC Comics: The New 52 Presents, The Dark #1, which had issue one of the series. I would've had him sign my Tumor graphic novel except that its digitized on my Kindle Fire, but hey, it's cool. Still a wonderful guy all around!


Hehe this picture sure does crack me up, but aside from Fialkov's expression in the back, I had this taken with Higgins because I was there to meet the man that was one half of the genius behind Batman: Gates of Gotham. In addition to having him sign my copy of that trade, I also had him sign my zero issue of New 52's Nightwing, the story of which I have absolutely enjoyed and cannot simply put down. Interesting tidbit he gave to me was to insist that if I ever do get this signed by Snyder (which I had tried to do at Wonder Con earlier this year but failed and intend to do so in the future) that I leave space for Snyder to sign in the inside first interior page, which is apparently where SS likes to make his signatures and such. Thanks for the tip, Kyle!

Happy campers!

And finally I come to Mike Johnson. A truly great comic writer second to none in my opinion and truly Michael Green's equal on the current Supergirl ongoing. Well in addition to the zero issue of that series I also had him sign my number one issue, but the real treat came when I pulled out something else for him to sign. I had brought along my copy of Superman/Batman #46 and he was completely ecstatic that I had given him the honor of signing it, for not only was this issue the first issue of his run on that series, it was his first comic he had ever written! It was truly joyous watching him flip through the pages of the issue and going down memory lane. Suffice it to say I made his day bringing this in for him to sign and he even gave me the little story of how he had come to be on the ongoing. In addition I was able to talk him up about the current Supergirl ongoing he has going on with Green and praised him for the story and admitted how excited I was for the return of Simon Tycho, by which he was good enough to show me some pencils for what was next going to happen in issue 13. Pretty cool stuff no?

And there you have it folks! Another signing event completed for me, and once again I can say with dead certainty that I have seen the mountaintop once more! Cheers to all you Viners!

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Posted by Shotgun

Nice post. Your enthusiasm feels contagious =D

Posted by lykopis

Oh wow --- how lucky were you! Great photos and accompanying comments, thanks so much for sharing this. :)