Meeting the co-creator of Wolverine

Hello to all you wonderful people on the Vine! It has been a few weeks since I last was at an event and as such I felt I was overdue for a new blog update. Last Saturday one of my LCS's had a signing event in which Len Wein was promoting the latest Before Watchmen issue, the Dollar Bill one-shot. If one was early enough in line they also had the pleasure of getting a free sketch from local up and coming artist Jed Thomas, in addition to getting the Marvel Essential Team Up Volume 2 trade paperback signed by Wein in addition to a black and white print of Wolverine. For my part I was able to get the trade and the print but sadly not the free sketch since a family had decided to camp out the night before, and I only arrived at half past six the next morning to get in line. Nevertheless, I had quite the time regardless!

Meeting the very man who had a hand in creating Wolverine was quite a surreal event. On top of being an all around nice guy it was awesome to see him get into his element of reminiscing over the many works he had made over the years. In addition to my copy of the Dollar Bill one-shot, I also had him sign my copies of Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, DC Retroactive: Batman, The 1970s, Final Crisis: Secret Files, Gunfire #0, Human Target TP, Justice League of America 29, 35, 36, 37, Watchmen TP, King-Size Hulk, and of course the crown jewel of all my issues for this signing, Incredible Hulk #181. Its truly an honor to have his signature made upon all these wonderful issues and I know I'll cherish them for all time even more so now.

And of course there must always be at least SOME semblance of cosplay at a good signing, right? Well us fans had the courtesy of seeing both a Red Skull as well as a Rorschach at this one and I must say it was awesome to interact with them two. Red Skull demanded my allegiance to his organization, and I was all "Hail Hydra" in no time! Rorschach on the other hand though, well, I better get into detail here. Sadly one thing that developed in course of staying in line was that prior to this event, the LCS said that there would be a 15 issue limit to bring to Len to sign, right? Wein at the last minute decided a ten item limit would suffice but gave the option of having us get back in line to get the rest of the stuff signed. So of course I'm feeling slightly mopey at that until Rorschach comes along and snaps my thumb and whips me back into shape. Did I get back in line to get remaining things signed? Of course! Its Len Wein, man!

Now, like I said earlier, I wasn't able to get a sketch by Jed Thomas since I was not in line early enough, but nevertheless I was able to walk away with something just as good. The event had raffling prizes throughout the hours held and near the end of my time at the store my raffling ticket number was called. And this print is truly AMAZING in its detail and I was glad to have won it. Am I keeping it? Actually no, because this print, and the black and white sketch that was signed by Len Wein is going to someone whom I know quite well and is near and dear to me. You know who you are! ::smiles:: That's a wrap folks. 'Till next time!

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Posted by impossibilly

That's awesome, dude! Your LCS seems like it has cool signings pretty often. Didn't you meet Brubaker not that long ago there?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@impossibilly: That was another LCS of mine actually! I'm blessed to be in proximity to three local comic stores where I live ^_^ But yes, I met Brubaker at the other one and it was AWESOME.

Posted by impossibilly

Nice. There was a good episode of Nerdist Writers Panel from 7/12/12 with both Wein and Brubaker on it. I highly recommend listening to it.

Posted by lykopis

What an opportunity! Good on you for being tenacious. :)

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Ha! That Rorschach picture is hilarious.

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Posted by Xanni15

Your shop has awesome visitors.

Posted by RazzaTazz

Nice, it is good to see that you are enjoying these. I have never lined up for something before. I wonder if it is worth it.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@RazzaTazz: The fanboy side of me felt it was definitely worth it since, well, its Len Wein. Of course, when he switched up the fifteen to ten item limit on us at the last minute it did make me feel a little put off since I really didn't see the point, especially since I had waited at an early point in that line since like 6 am that day. The only part that was definitely NOT worth it was the special going on that said the first five people in line would get a free sketch by this local artist that was there. I went to the store last night hoping to get in line for that and just wait it out for a long time only to find enough people were already there. No harm done to me at all really since this is an up and coming artist who's currently employed by Marvel to illustrate cards (yeah you read that write, not even actual comics). What was sad though was watching them come out when their turn was over and showing the sketches they got...which at most were little detailed half face sketches that looked hastily stenciled at most. Ironically it was one of his black and white Wolverine prints that I won above that he had drawn so in a way I think I still walked away a winner from this whole experience. In the end, the only thing I gotta start remembering to do from now on is invest in a portable chair, because sitting on the ground or standing for inhumanly long periods of time just isn't cutting it anymore. Worth it for me? Definitely!

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Posted by RazzaTazz

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Seems weird that an entire family got the first five spots, that is greed in action.