JSA All-Stars...Good series but necessary?

    It all started in September 2009 with issue #29 of Justice Society with the "Bad Seed" storyline.  It all came into a head in January of 2010 with the introduction of the JSA All-Stars ongoing series.  Now we essentially have two versions of the Justice Society, with the golden oldies and more experienced members on the old team, and the younger, more spry individuals on the All-Stars.  And that is the current state of Justice Society comics.   
    But how did that change come about? What caused the division?  Many people would attribute it to a variety of reasons.  Philosophical and ideological differences between the oldies (i.e. Jay Garrick, Alan Scott) and the newbies (i.e. Karen Starr, Mon Roi).  The fact that the group got WAY too large considering the number of recruits that had come in to swell the ranks of the old JSA ever since the first issue.  There was distrust sewn among the ranks that had been planted ever since their run in with Gog during the whole "One World Under Gog" arc.  But an even more important result of their fight with Gog was the transformation of David Reid into Magog.   
    In many ways I think Magog deserves the credit for having sewn the seeds of discord among the ranks of the old Justice Society and caused it to divide.  After all, he had been at odds with Karen and the ranking members ever since his transformation into Gog's herald and had differing ideas on just what superheroes were meant to do.  If anything, he merely capitalized on the incessant problems that plagued the Justice Society and manipulated events to bring about a virtual dissolution.  Plain and simple in my opinion.   
    What is the point of all this? Well it's quite simple.  Since Magog no longer exists with the events that had transpired in Justice League: Generation Lost, the root cause of manipulation and divisiveness is dead and gone. What reason then do the younger and older generations of JSA members have to stay apart?  They got along once, they could do so again!  I truly believe if they wanted, they could recombine themselves into a single group once more.  They just have to be willing to do so.  After all, are there really any major fundamental differences (other than ages, backgrounds, philosophies) between the old guard JSA members and the 'young turk' Justice Society members?  If someone disagrees please, say so!  Otherwise, I really see no clear justification for having two separate teams and hence two separate running titles.  

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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I really don't see this series last more than another month. With all the books getting the axe lately, it's only a matter of time.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Just found out that JSA All-Stars #18 is the last issue coming out in May.  How about that?
Edited by Tempest55

I knew there as a split coming as I was trying to catch up on my JSA reading's back then, and when I found out Magog and his attitude was a central part of it - I was incredibly pissed me off. Then when Liberty Belle brings up the idea that it was best for them to split, I was confused on top of that. Immediately, when she mentioned that, I had no doubts that the team could overcome this bump in the road especially after defeating their adversaries at that moment. 

I like the idea of having 2 JSA titles because then they could flesh out more characters. Especially with their team getting so large (I personally miss Amazing Man) but it could have been done with out the team officially splitting up. Perhaps the way X-Men does it, is a good example, with Uncanny, Legacy, and New Mutants series.

By the way, if the team was going to split up I would have preferred if Hawkman would have stayed and done it himself instead of a punk character like Magog. I'm glad he's dead and I'm glad they gave him a somewhat respectable way of going out at the last minute during Generation Lost.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
@Tempest55: Personally I like Magog's character even if he is a bit angsty.  But yeah most likely it was probably best for him to go, although in the way that he was taken down in Generation Lost I would have much rather that he had been killed than forced to kill himself, lol.  
Posted by Tempest55

Well what I meant by the way he went out, I actually meant that little back story that was given in the beginning of the issue. Where his father explained to him that sometimes it is necessary to defy an order when your gut is telling you its not right. Then when he actually did that during the fight, that seemed honorable to me. However I wish the artist didn't draw such a ridiculous dying face lol It would have been better if his head was just evaporated instantly. XD