Jack-O-Lantern Delight

Well well, in light of how wickedly awesome Andy Bergholtz is regarding the creation of a Dent and Joker jack-o-lantern, I must say that I'm hesitant to go along with my wonderful creations in this blog. Nevertheless, here y'all go and enjoy the wonderful jack-o-lantern greatness!

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Posted by lykopis

I just saw this now (I know, I know -- two plus days late) but those look fantastic! :)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@lykopis: You believe the Punisher one took me almost 3 and 1/2 hours to complete? lol Jack Skellington took me about 3 hours less than that...

Posted by lykopis

@RedheadedAtrocitus: I believe it, lol --- very professional, honestly. :)