How about some new Space Odyssey comics?

    As a fan of the Space Odyssey books written by Arthur C. Clarke, I was surprised to find that there was an actual series devoted to the first book.  It almost makes me sad that the series is so old that I would be hard pressed to find it ever in single issue format, and I'm pretty certain its never been collected into a trade or hardcover.  That being said, it makes me wonder whether its high time that new comics series should be made for the other 3 Space Odyssey novels.  After all, we forget that 2010: Odyssey Two became a bestseller when it was written in 1982 and led to the motion picture inspired by it, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.  Of the latter two novels, 2061: Odyssey Three  was the only other book that was considered for a possible movie (with Tom Hanks even having wanted the role of elderly Heywood Floyd) while 3001 still was quite a hit.  I think the three stories are interesting enough that they could be put into single issue limited series format or even into graphic novels. After all, the Space Odyssey books revolutionized space/science fiction literature as we know it.. But what do you all think people? Yes? No? Maybe? Your reasons are encouraged!

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