It would seem that I am on the verge of getting the "Fill in the Blanks" Quest of the Photoshopped Quest set since I've been uploading pictures like crazy of and relating to the famed city of Bete Noir that is the focal point to the Fallen Angel title, issued out by DC and later on by IDW.  I think I am 3 short of the 20 image quota needed to get this particular quest finished and I'm desperate because I just simply don't know where to look for images anymore!  I've been on search engines aplenty looking for pictures but I just cannot simply find anything new that would put me up and over that limit for the quest.  Are there any suggestions someone can give to me?  Perhaps another search engine I've overlooked?  Or even some reference site I'm unaware of?  Or will I have to take another route and possibly buy (or borrow, if I can) actual trade paperbacks and start scanning images at will?  Any help would be appreciated, for I would sure like to get this quest done like so many others that need finishing. 

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Posted by jrh7925

Here are three ones I was able to grab real quick. There aren't a lot of scenes of the city in the comics (or at least the DC version)...

Feel free to save locally, and re-upload.