Hangin' with Humphries

Hey all, its RHA back here for all you lovely Viners! Been a total of sixteen days since my last blog and I thought I'd document my wonderful time I had meeting Sam Humphries at one of my LCS's. Yesterday Humphries came down to the shop signing copies of what people had which was supposed to happen in tandem with the release of Uncanny X-Force #2. Alas a sad problem happened at this LCS and the second issue never did arrive so, suffice it to say, there were truly fewer people present than were expected to come. On total I would say probably no more than twenty people actually came to have stuff signed by him. On one hand it did make me feel bad that he came for such a low turn-out, but on the other hand I was kind of glad for it since it meant more time to spend talking with him without worry of having to hold up the line. I was at the front of it since I had arrived at the LCS almost two hours in advance to pick up some additional things to have signed by him, including the first issue of Uncanny X-Force as well as his self-published ongoing Sacrifice. In truth they were the only volumes I was actually able to get signed by him since everything else I have of his is read electronically on my Kindle, which amazingly he said he would have signed if I would have had it available. Tempting, no? Anyway, wonderful guy to get to know and I've already befriended him on Facebook, but this was truly a treat to actually meet the man face to face. I praised him on his current run in Ultimates, praising his run with regard to the storylines such as Two Cities, Two Worlds, Divided we Fall, United we Stand, and Reconstruction since I obviously love the parallels he draws to history in each of those stories, as well as applauding his efforts in Fanboys vs. Zombies tale and John Carter: Gods of Mars. Sadly, all of those title runs and series are on my Kindle, so it would have been so much nicer to have actual hard copies for him to sign but hey, what can you do, right? Truly I got nothing but great things to say about this guy, and if ever there was a rising star that was just rising all the higher in Marvel, I would say it is him. And that wraps it up once again, Viner peeps! RHA out...

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You know I'm just going to make some comment about being jealous. Awesome!

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your so lucky

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