Bruce Wayne has returned...for me

I have just recently finished reading all issues involved with the Return of Bruce Wayne story arc, and once again my mind is on partial overload from all I read and soaked in.  Alas, for me, the Dark Knight really has returned now after being stuck in time for what seems like ages.  In fact, with the revelations that Bruce made in the waning issues of the arc, it makes me wish to retract my earlier comments about how the new Batman, Incorporated arc may not be the way to go.  Considering that he himself said one of his biggest mistakes prior to being Omega Beamed was not relying on his friends enough and seeking their support, it would make sense now that maybe this is the dawning of a new age in the Batman mythos, an age where the Dark Knight is a corporation devoted to fighting the criminal underbelly in Gotham and around the world.  In conclusion then, I will expect to see great things in the near future (provided the funds allow me to get back into the Batman family titles once more).  And like Bruce said at the conclusion of Batman: The Return, "Game on!"
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