Avengers and Renaissance Fans from afar...lend me your votes!!

Alright here is the deal people. One of my friends whom I adore so very much was at the Ren Faire not too long ago and took a wickedly awesome picture of a few of the medieval contestants who did a certain Avengers motif for a show they were doing and caught them in an Avengers-pose that all of you would immediately recognize. She is currently in a photograph competition with others and needs your help people. It would be appreciated if you could take the time to visit this website and put your votes toward her photograph. The procedure is simple. Go to this url...http://worldofrennies.com/september%202012.html and scroll down the site to check out picture #4, with caption titled "Avengers: Ren Faire Style!" You'll simply enjoy the subtle hints about who each man is. I'm pretty sure you can figure them out. If anyone has any questions about which superheroes are represented, simply ask! :) I'm counting on y'all...please don't disappoint!

P.S. This is the picture that you would be voting for. And remember, like the old democratic line once said...vote early and vote often, for in this case the voting polls close at the end of the month. Come on people,who doesn't want to see medieval Avengers win the day here hmm? ^_^

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