Aaron Campbell at my LCS for an Afternoon Signing

Howdy everyone. Seems its almost a month since the last time I have blogged and I thought this time for a change I would share with you all an event that is relatively still fresh in my mind. Aaron Campbell came along to my local LCS for a signing celebration of the release of the first issue of The Shadow by Dynamite. A good thing about this entire event was how relatively small it was; with the exception of me, there were only like five other people in line to get signatures of his. For whatever reason that is I care not to dwell on but will say that as I write this the event is still in progress. Instead I would rather like to say that the man is quite a personable and down to Earth individual who takes pleasure in meeting his fans and talking with them. He was kind enough to ask if I wanted my signature personalized and I of course joked that it was best to spell my name in the lame Americanized version of my name (Jeff) rather than the quite refined Old English version (Geoff). He brought along his art book and it was amazing to see the sketched pictures of his work thus far on this ongoing. He even brought along his iPad to show a picture he made of an adversary that will appear in the first arc of the series; believe the moniker for this enemy is Buffalo Mongol or something if I remember right (Understand, I was flipping through his Shadow sketchbook the whole time and was glued to every page looking). That's all folks, and now, a couple of pictures to display my wonderful experience.

P.S. No Kent Allard, AKA Lamont Cranston AKA The Shadow does NOT have rosacea, its just the angle of lighting that I used to take the picture.

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