I'm a DC snob apparently!

    Funny story.  I'm just back from my run to the comics shop to get my weekly holds when I'm chatting it up with the store owner and a patron, both of whom I know quite well and am friends with.  Suddenly the discussion of Marvel crossovers come up and then out of nowhere the store owner, quite jokingly and sarcastically I might add, points out that I am a "DC snob." And absolutely lost it and began to laugh with them about that reality because in a way I cannot help but see that he was correct.  
    For me, I don't get hardly any Marvel titles monthly at all, with the exception of Hulk.  At one time I got more of the Hulk titles when they were all interrelated, especially in the build up to and events culminating in the Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks crossovers.  Obviously then I would have gotten the limited titles as well as the Incredible Hulk(s) ongoing titles so that I could collect that.  But now that that big story is over, I'm back to just enjoying Hulk on its own.  And compared to other publisher titles I get, I really cannot help but think the store owner was right in saying I was a DC snob.  The majority of my monthly titles and special things I get are from DC, whereas with other publishers I get only one monthly title from Marvel, IDW, and Image apiece.  
    In conclusion, while I know he was just joking, I actually cannot help but take that title with pride.  But its not for sake of not wishing to branch out into other titles.  I just don't know exactly what to get.  After all, so much comes out monthly that its hard to choose and on top of work and other responsibilities its hard for me to sit down and do some research on just what I would and would not like to get.  Truth is I'd LOVE to get more Marvel titles and others as well, but partially what holds me back is not knowing where to start (though the other patron I was talking to said that a good starting point for me might be the upcoming Fear Itself event.  Secondly, and probably most importantly, is the issue of money.  Quite simply I don't have the funds to just get so much stuff, so I have to be selective.  So if that makes me a DC snob then I guess I just am.  What do you people think?!

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Wednesdays for Me

    Funny thing about Wednesdays is, for me they originally were just the best indication that it was hump day for the week and showed that I only had to wait two more days for the weekend.  But now, since my self-instated comic renaissance, I have come to cherish Wednesday as the best day of the week, even more than that gloriously satisfying Friday.  Today in exactly 2 hours time I head to my local shop to get my weekly holds, for which I am most excited!  That being said though, there is a big question I still do not know the answer to.  Perhaps someone can help me out but, why Wednesdays for new comics?  I seem like a total novice for asking but I honestly don't know why this day is picked of all days of the week to be new comic day.  I encourage your answers to this little inquiry of mine!

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What an honor!

    I sure am flattered to see my review for Green Lantern Corps #57 at the bottom of the CV screen! In the time that I have been here on this website I never would have thought I'd have seen one of my reviews down there!  Truly I am honored to see it there and am must humbly flattered that people will have more of a chance to see it and comment/recommend as they wish.  To whomever is responsible for placing it there, thank you ever so much!

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How about some new Space Odyssey comics?

    As a fan of the Space Odyssey books written by Arthur C. Clarke, I was surprised to find that there was an actual series devoted to the first book.  It almost makes me sad that the series is so old that I would be hard pressed to find it ever in single issue format, and I'm pretty certain its never been collected into a trade or hardcover.  That being said, it makes me wonder whether its high time that new comics series should be made for the other 3 Space Odyssey novels.  After all, we forget that 2010: Odyssey Two became a bestseller when it was written in 1982 and led to the motion picture inspired by it, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.  Of the latter two novels, 2061: Odyssey Three  was the only other book that was considered for a possible movie (with Tom Hanks even having wanted the role of elderly Heywood Floyd) while 3001 still was quite a hit.  I think the three stories are interesting enough that they could be put into single issue limited series format or even into graphic novels. After all, the Space Odyssey books revolutionized space/science fiction literature as we know it.. But what do you all think people? Yes? No? Maybe? Your reasons are encouraged!

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That Pesky Numbering System

    Alright I'm currently in the game of reorganizing my current Superman titles and I have come across something that I've tended to ignore up to this point.  As of now I just cannot run from it any longer, for its very existence is gnawing at my brain.  It was something that appeared on major Superman titles from about January of 1991 to January of 2002.  I'm sure you all remember it too.  Recall those triangles that showed the year at the top and a specific number within its field? It eventually evolved into a S-crest by the time this numbering system finished.  It usually appeared at the top right or left corners of the comic front during this time and to this date I STILL do not understand why it was put into use.  Here's an image refresher if you don't get what I mean.  

    See? Up there under the Superman title, an Inverted triangle, probably to seem like the El Family crest, but with a "1991" and a "1." This numbering system seemed to be in place with the major Superman titles from 1991 to 2002 (i.e. Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Superman, Superman: Man of Steel, Superman: Man of Tomorrow). It would start with number one in January for one title and end anywhere from 48-49 by the time December came around.  And these numbers irk me because I really do not understand what their point is.  Are they meant to determine what part of the month the issue came out since Superman had nearly 4-5 monthly running titles each month throughout the nineties?  If someone can try and explain it to me, that would be great.  I know more recently the Superman titles took on this numbering system with green and red inverted crests during the whole New Krypton/World against S story arcs but I could understand the point of those.  These numbered crests from 1991 to 2002 I simply DO NOT understand.  Someone with expertise, help!

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One Hundred Follows! Woooohooo!

What a milestone, in my opinion! I get home from a lackluster day of work and get on here to find I've finally hit the 100 mark for number of people following me!  Thank you so much to those who follow me, you guys (and girls!) rock!! Now on to the next 100 followers...

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Bruce Wayne has returned...for me

I have just recently finished reading all issues involved with the Return of Bruce Wayne story arc, and once again my mind is on partial overload from all I read and soaked in.  Alas, for me, the Dark Knight really has returned now after being stuck in time for what seems like ages.  In fact, with the revelations that Bruce made in the waning issues of the arc, it makes me wish to retract my earlier comments about how the new Batman, Incorporated arc may not be the way to go.  Considering that he himself said one of his biggest mistakes prior to being Omega Beamed was not relying on his friends enough and seeking their support, it would make sense now that maybe this is the dawning of a new age in the Batman mythos, an age where the Dark Knight is a corporation devoted to fighting the criminal underbelly in Gotham and around the world.  In conclusion then, I will expect to see great things in the near future (provided the funds allow me to get back into the Batman family titles once more).  And like Bruce said at the conclusion of Batman: The Return, "Game on!"
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Rise of Eclipso...repeat of Darkness Within?

It would seem that Eclipso is on the verge of cutting loose upon the DC universe once more, what with the subtle messages we received in the "Dark Things" JLA/JSA crossover as well as the "Omega" storyline.  What concerns me is the hints we are getting at what Eclipso's trying to do and how he's going about doing it, leading me to the conclusion that this event for 2011 seems like a near repeat of 1992's "Darkness Within" event.  After all, look at the similarities between things like the Heart of Darkness and the Starheart and what roles they have played in loosing Eclipso.  And what of the role that Jade and Valor had in helping bring about his influence.  And do we remember how Eclipso met defeat at the end of the Darkness Within? Yes, exactly.  Its making me wonder then if Mikaal Tomas is going to be the next sacrificial lamb for solving this upcoming problem considering he's Starman now.  One can only wonder! 

Starman (Mikaal Tomas)
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Brightest Overload

    Wow. In the scope of only a few days I have gone through some major storylines of the Brightest Day crossover.  I've managed with Birds of Prey to read the Endrun and Two Nights in Bankok storylines and came to have a newfound love for Black Canary's ultimate enemy.  In Barry Allen's world I read Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues as well as the small side stories involving Digger Harkness and Eobard Thawne's origins.  With Green Arrow I read the first arc which I am titling Man of the People and have come to be enthused with the mystery forest that has sprouted in Star City.  In case of Green Lantern Corps I have read about the Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns and have only the burning desire to see Henshaw come back yet again despite Boodikka's insistence that he's forever gone (which I call bull against). And with the Brightest Christmas Day special I came to learn a lesson from Larfleeze that frankly was handled in an entertaining yet unoriginal fashion in determining Christmas' true meaning.  Seth MacFarlane in my opinion handled the lesson far more effectively with Family Guy's most recent new episode Road to the North Pole.  On top of all that I managed to even read The Dark Things JLA/JSA crossover arc and came to find a new respect for Alan Scott that I had not had before as well as finding a lot of question marks directed toward the "what if's" that he pointed out to his son Obsidian in the epilogue! (I.E. "War of the Vampires"?!) And then, we come to the Villains for Hire arc, with Deathstroke's "Titans." All I can say about this story is, this is why Slade Wilson is the man and will always be the man. Many storylines, wide and varied.  But good lord my head is ready to burst now with all the exposure!
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Finally I have gotten over the desire to wait until all Brightest Day titles are in and have started reading some individual storylines associated with the crossover event.  I've just read the Endrun storyline that involves the first four issues of the new Birds of Prey volume.  Suffice it to say I'm divided as to whether I should feel sorry for Dinah Lance or not.  Part of me feels bad for her for all the stuff she's had to put up with in the last year (JLA resignation, Ollie's shenanigans, etc.) Yet part of me cannot help but smile at how desperate things have become for her with this conflict with White Canary.  Probably just that she often has a very abrasive and cocky attitude and deserves to be knocked down a few pegs. Take that, Siu Jerk Jai!
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