Hangin' with Humphries

Hey all, its RHA back here for all you lovely Viners! Been a total of sixteen days since my last blog and I thought I'd document my wonderful time I had meeting Sam Humphries at one of my LCS's. Yesterday Humphries came down to the shop signing copies of what people had which was supposed to happen in tandem with the release of Uncanny X-Force #2. Alas a sad problem happened at this LCS and the second issue never did arrive so, suffice it to say, there were truly fewer people present than were expected to come. On total I would say probably no more than twenty people actually came to have stuff signed by him. On one hand it did make me feel bad that he came for such a low turn-out, but on the other hand I was kind of glad for it since it meant more time to spend talking with him without worry of having to hold up the line. I was at the front of it since I had arrived at the LCS almost two hours in advance to pick up some additional things to have signed by him, including the first issue of Uncanny X-Force as well as his self-published ongoing Sacrifice. In truth they were the only volumes I was actually able to get signed by him since everything else I have of his is read electronically on my Kindle, which amazingly he said he would have signed if I would have had it available. Tempting, no? Anyway, wonderful guy to get to know and I've already befriended him on Facebook, but this was truly a treat to actually meet the man face to face. I praised him on his current run in Ultimates, praising his run with regard to the storylines such as Two Cities, Two Worlds, Divided we Fall, United we Stand, and Reconstruction since I obviously love the parallels he draws to history in each of those stories, as well as applauding his efforts in Fanboys vs. Zombies tale and John Carter: Gods of Mars. Sadly, all of those title runs and series are on my Kindle, so it would have been so much nicer to have actual hard copies for him to sign but hey, what can you do, right? Truly I got nothing but great things to say about this guy, and if ever there was a rising star that was just rising all the higher in Marvel, I would say it is him. And that wraps it up once again, Viner peeps! RHA out...


Meeting the co-creator of Wolverine

Hello to all you wonderful people on the Vine! It has been a few weeks since I last was at an event and as such I felt I was overdue for a new blog update. Last Saturday one of my LCS's had a signing event in which Len Wein was promoting the latest Before Watchmen issue, the Dollar Bill one-shot. If one was early enough in line they also had the pleasure of getting a free sketch from local up and coming artist Jed Thomas, in addition to getting the Marvel Essential Team Up Volume 2 trade paperback signed by Wein in addition to a black and white print of Wolverine. For my part I was able to get the trade and the print but sadly not the free sketch since a family had decided to camp out the night before, and I only arrived at half past six the next morning to get in line. Nevertheless, I had quite the time regardless!

Meeting the very man who had a hand in creating Wolverine was quite a surreal event. On top of being an all around nice guy it was awesome to see him get into his element of reminiscing over the many works he had made over the years. In addition to my copy of the Dollar Bill one-shot, I also had him sign my copies of Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, DC Retroactive: Batman, The 1970s, Final Crisis: Secret Files, Gunfire #0, Human Target TP, Justice League of America 29, 35, 36, 37, Watchmen TP, King-Size Hulk, and of course the crown jewel of all my issues for this signing, Incredible Hulk #181. Its truly an honor to have his signature made upon all these wonderful issues and I know I'll cherish them for all time even more so now.

And of course there must always be at least SOME semblance of cosplay at a good signing, right? Well us fans had the courtesy of seeing both a Red Skull as well as a Rorschach at this one and I must say it was awesome to interact with them two. Red Skull demanded my allegiance to his organization, and I was all "Hail Hydra" in no time! Rorschach on the other hand though, well, I better get into detail here. Sadly one thing that developed in course of staying in line was that prior to this event, the LCS said that there would be a 15 issue limit to bring to Len to sign, right? Wein at the last minute decided a ten item limit would suffice but gave the option of having us get back in line to get the rest of the stuff signed. So of course I'm feeling slightly mopey at that until Rorschach comes along and snaps my thumb and whips me back into shape. Did I get back in line to get remaining things signed? Of course! Its Len Wein, man!

Now, like I said earlier, I wasn't able to get a sketch by Jed Thomas since I was not in line early enough, but nevertheless I was able to walk away with something just as good. The event had raffling prizes throughout the hours held and near the end of my time at the store my raffling ticket number was called. And this print is truly AMAZING in its detail and I was glad to have won it. Am I keeping it? Actually no, because this print, and the black and white sketch that was signed by Len Wein is going to someone whom I know quite well and is near and dear to me. You know who you are! ::smiles:: That's a wrap folks. 'Till next time!


Star Wars #1 Signing Event

And here I am once again to all you wonderful and loyal Viners to discuss another adventure in the signing world. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a signing at my LCS which served as a larger party for the release of Star Wars #1 earlier that week. As such a portion of the creative team behind this book was present, including series writer Brian Wood, artist Carlos D'Anda, and letterer Michael Heisler. There was also supposed to be colorist Gabe Eltaeb in attendance but sadly he didn't show up for the event, and thus I didn't get every book I wanted signed but hey, there are greater tragedies in life, right?

This turned out to be quite the event, and not just because I had been in line in darn near frigid temperatures with good friends of mine waiting from morning to the afternoon for the event. An hour prior to the signing the LCS opened their neighboring clearance sale warehouse where I helped myself to some nice 3 dollar a piece trade paperbacks (choosing Human Target, KOBRA: Resurrection, and Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters in the end) and proceeded to see members of the famed cosplay group the 501st Legion "Vader's Fist" coming out to promote the event. Suffice it to say, there was nothing but fun this fine and glorious day!

We shall begin proceedings on the awesome Brian Wood. In addition to him signing my first issue of Star Wars, he also nice enough to sign my first issue of The Massive as well as my first issue of Mara, two great books that I'm absolutely adoring at the moment. The conversation we had went in awesome directions as I brought up a recent interview he had been a part of in a couple of articles written for the March 2012 edition of The Drawn Word, namely concerning how he has reinvented himself in the industry and just what his feelings are regarding the revolutionary move toward digital from print for comics in general. It was an honor and a privilege to meet the man and have nothing but praise for the guy, and not just because he also signed a Star Wars poster of mine out of the goodness of his heart.

Next we come to Carlos D'Anda, who's art I've always been fascinated by. Of course the priority was to have him sign my first issue of Star Wars, but I also had him sign my sixth and eighth issues of the current Justice League series, my Superman: In the Name of Gog TP, my Superman: Sacrifice TP, and my This is Wildstorm copy. He was quite surprised at the Wildstorm issue I had him sign, for it was from 2009 and thus had been years since he had remembered contributing that piece. Still, he was a great sport all the same in giving his John Hancock and seemed to be quite the passionate individual with regard to his trade. All artists should aspire to have such passion as he does I say!

And now we come to Michael Heisler, the letterer on the issue of Star Wars that came out last week. That of course was signed by him, in addition to Thor #460, Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1, my copy of the 2009 Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- Gauntlet of Death, as well as my issue of Thor Annual #14. He recalled having lots of fun with the Ghost Rider/Blaze issue but was especially floored when I showed him the Thor Annual. When I asked him if it took him down memory lane, he jokingly referred to it as memory canyon due to the fact that the issue hails from November of 1989. It was wonderful to have met him and I consider it an honor to have done so!

No major release event is complete without a little cosplay, and luckily for fans such as I, we got to have a bid dosage of it with the arrival of the 501st Legion, more popularly known as Vader's Fist. They are a group of dedicated cosplayers who bring the awesomeness of the Galactic Empire down for events such as this and helped add to the overall atmosphere of this release event. Fans got to see the likes of Darth Vader and Darth Revan, as well as Mandalorian bounty hunters (Sorry, no Jango or Boba) and even Imperial Stormtroopers and pilots. These guys truly exemplify the art of cosplay in my opinion and were a pleasure to mingle with while the event was in progress.

I know it looks bad, but really, I was innocent of the charges, I tell you! But seriously, these guys were good enough to ask me if I wanted an incarceration shot for one of the many pictures I was taking and, who can truly pass up an opportunity like that?

Oh wait, they DID have cause to arrest me since I had this stashed in my backpack! Not bad for a mere human, huh Bothan spies? In summation, it was another wonderful signing event wrapped up people! Between meeting great writers, artists, cosplayers and friends, it was a day that I'll not soon forget. This new Star Wars ongoing for Dark Horse is proving to be a great piece and its easily going to be another ongoing hold for me in the months ahead. And now I leave you while humming the Imperial March off to sleep...


Meeting Joe Keatinge...

Once again I come to report on great tidings of yet another grand signing event that I have been part of. This time I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Keatinge, who is the writing genius behind the current Morbius: The Living Vampire ongoing for Marvel NOW. He is truly a stand-up guy that is quite the writer as evidenced by the personable chatting we underwent while he signed my comics. In addition to the normal cover that he signed, he was also good enough to sign my Skottie Young variant cover of the issue while also giving nice little Morbius sketches in his signature. He was quite the man and showed himself to be a fervent lover of comic books just like myself. I truly shall delve more into reading things Keatinge has written in the past, for prior to this event I had never read anything he had done prior to this signing. A fun night as simple as it was fast, but memorable as always!


Three hundred followers, woohoo!

After being on the 'Vine for over two years now, I have finally hit a personal milestone of mine: having three hundred followers before the end of 2012. I hit that goal earlier today and I couldn't be happier! It has definitely been a wild ride thus far on the 'Vine and I look forward to the next three hundred followers to come and beyond. To all my followers, I cannot thank you enough! You guys (and gals) rock! Oh and if the meme looks weird do give me some leeway, for it is my first ever crafted! ^_^


Top Cow Creators in the Flesh...including Marc Silvestri

Hello to all you lovely people on the Vine. Once again here I am to regale you with a wonderful tale of how I met more wonderful comic creators in the industry. Today at yet another LCS in my area I had the pleasure of meeting four creators special to the industry. First and foremost among them was Marc Silvestri, who was not only on hand making wonderful sketches for people (provided they were in line early enough to get one, which sadly I was not), but also to sign copies of his current Cyber Force series for Top Cow. In addition, Matt Hawkins of Top Cow was present to sign copies of issues of the current Think Tank trade paperback. Letterer Troy Peteri was on hand to help sign copies of Cyber Force and Think Tank as well as artist Rahsan Ekedal. Prepare to bask in the awesomeness of the experience.

As with the case of any major signing, there's always time to kill before hand. So in addition to staying in line with friends and chatting about nonsensical things, we also had a chance to mingle with some cosplayers. Many were prompted by the LCS to hang on the sidewalk to entertain traffic as it went by, encouraging non-comic fans to the event that was forthcoming. Suffice it to say, the Joker depicted in the above picture was funniest for coming across cars while they were waiting at red lights to have people take phone camera pictures of him in all of their glee and laughter. The Clown Prince was a good sport to take this picture with me as well, and in addition, he left me his calling card after!

First among the creators I had come to see during the impossibly long event was Rahsan Ekedal, who's handling the major artistry for the Think Tank TP. By purchasing the book in store (which I had done when I first arrived), you were guaranteed a free sketch from Ekedal. When it was my turn to meet the man I was most excited, for his art strikes me always as meticulous and detailed, the likes of which you don't always see in your run of the mill penciller. For the life of me I couldn't suggest what for him to sketch, so I asked him to surprise me. That's when letterer Troy Peteri, whom was sitting right next to him, suggested Batman out of thin air. And in all honesty, who can deny oneself a good Batman sketch?

In all the man took about fifteen to twenty minutes to do an amazing sketch starting with light blue pastel like colored pencil and followed through with darker stencils and then inks. He did in that amount of time what frankly I could not do in fifteen to twenty days! And I was twelfth in line to get a sketch and he still gave me quality work. Really says something about the integrity of a man to do quality sketches for each adoring fan, and what he has done in Think Tank just reconfirms why I adore the man's art. And of course he was a sport to sign my Think Tank TP so that's a plus! He is the very epitome of what a great comic book artist is all about.

Next in line was letterer Troy Peteri whom I had the pleasure of meeting prior to the event itself when a couple of my friends and I were hanging out with him. After remarking on the considerable stack of comics I brought to the event, I took the opportunity to show him some of the things I was having him sign. In addition to signing Cyber Force #1 and #2, I also had him sign the 2009 FCBD prelude issue of the Cyber Force/Hunter Killer miniseries, 2011 FCBD Atomic Robo, 2009 FCBD Atomic Robo, my Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 TP, and my copies of Green Hornet #4 and Green Hornet Annual #1. A wonderful individual to talk with, Peteri had interesting things to say of his experience while working on the Kevin Smith run of the Green Hornet title. He was truly honored to have signed all I provided for him and I am truly glad of the opportunity to have met him.

After meeting Peter I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Hawkins, who had been on hand not only to sign my copy of the Think Tank TP and Cyber Force numbers one and two, but also to sign something that I was especially interested in him seeing. In my collection is the twentieth issue of Inside Image from October of 1994. Within the pages of the issue is an interview that Hawkins had conducted with Art Thibert. When I presented the issue for signing, he was quite amazed considering that the issue is eighteen years old. In all honesty his first reaction was to ask aloud if he had actually done this, which was obviously a joke since he did remember doing it, but had long forgotten ever doing the interview. All the same he was quite the nice gentleman to talk with and signed my issue.

And of course the evening's crown jewel, Marc Silvestri. The real inconvenience of the evening consisted in part of the fact that the first ten people in line (whom had been camped out the morning before of the previous day I might add), were guaranteed free sketches by Silvestri himself. Now in addition to those sketches and the ones that Ekedal was doing, one can only imagine the amount of back up the line experienced. In truth I was probably standing around (eventually sitting) for at least a good four hours before I was able to have my turn in line for any of my stuff to be signed. Not that it is anyone's fault really, for if anyone knows anything of Silvestri's artistic caliber, one would realize that it is impossible for the man to do great detail and swiftness in the same sketch. The man lives and breathes perfection in his his penciling detail, and it showed in the sketches that he had drawn that day (including among them a Cyclops, a Wolverine half-face, a Mr. Sinister, and a bearded Hulk). When it was finally my turn to have him sign stuff, I had him of course sign the first and second issues of Cyber Force, but in addition had him sign my Women of Marvel TP (which contained a reprint of Uncanny X-Men #217), the first three issues of Incredible Hulk, Wolverine #50, and his art variant cover of Walking Dead #100. On top of meeting one of comic history's greatest artists, it was a wonder to engage in conversation with the man who still to this very day is as passionate about comics as he was when he first started, and even encouraged me to never, EVER lose that same passion as I do for them. I can truly say that if six days from now Doomsday comes, I can consider my life complete from having met the man face to face and shook hands with him.

All in all it was another wonderful signing event, one I was proud to have been a part of despite whatever inconvenience there was in waiting for such an exceptionally long time in line. It was an experience that I will always remember and not soon forget. My only regret of the event was not having come to the line sooner to have had the chance to have a free sketch by Silvestri, and one needs only look at the sketch above of bearded Hulk to realize this. Oh how green with envy I become more and more looking at such amazing art. Signing out y'all, peace!

P.S....not that I could have had that Hulk piece anyway...that went to the LCS :/


Mike Mignola, Cosplayers, and Goodies...Oh my!

I bring great tidings once again of a wonderful experience at another LCS of mine. It seems Mike Mignola was in town signing issues promoting his new series, Hellboy in Hell. Almost immediately from the get-go when I first heard this was coming out I knew I had to get it because I had a huge question mark above my head wondering how this could be possible. After all, if memory serves, Hellboy indulged in his first human meal of pancakes not long after coming to the surface world and thus was barred from Hell forever upon consuming said meal. So obviously then I'm getting this series to see if anything is explained about that. Suffice it to say, my curiosity in getting it brought me on a wonderful adventure today, by which I shall share with you now!

It was one amazing experience getting to meet this man in the flesh. I had previously seen him at a "Comics and Horror" panel he was a member of back at Wonder Con; suffice it to say he hardly remembered much of it or even the fact that I had asked a question there but it really didn't matter. The man was good sport to not only sign my copy of Hellboy in Hell #1, but also signed an original sketch work I had Hellboy as well as a poster I received there. On top of that I had him sign my copies of Action Comics Annual #2, Batman #453, and Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum. In addition, free copies of a story he wrote with Christopher Golden back in 2010 called "Nesting" were signed by him as well.

Interestingly during the signing I got to talk to him about a few things. Firstly, I of course talked with him about how the issues of Action Comics Annual and Batman must have taken him back, and he certainly did enjoy remembering working on them, especially for a little part of Action Comics Annual #2. Apparently he had drawn a character within the confines of the issue and was at a loss of what to call it. He then told me of how he sought help of his wife (who was also present for the signing) in trying to help him come up with a name for this character, which resembled an artificial intelligence droid. Suffice it to say she helped him easily by suggesting the name "Bleepie" and it went into the issue. Truly an amazing and cute story when one looks back on it.

I was also pressed to ask him the question regarding why Hellboy is in Hell now if long ago he ate pancakes, which thus should have prevented him from going back to the Underworld. He was no doubt interested by the question because he had been asked that by someone a few nights ago previous to my inquiry and he answered in what I believe to be a nice and creative yet diplomatic way. In his explanation, Mignola stated that the act of eating pancakes was symbolic of Hellboy's first meal on Earth and thus his kindred in Hell were so disgusted with that stunt that they basically washed their hands of him and let him live above their fiery abode. It was as if the demons of Pandaemonium basically in unison agreed "Fine, he wants to live with the mortals, then let him." So with Hellboy having turned his backs on them through his culinary choice, he was outlawed essentially from Hell, but not necessarily barred from the Underworld. In the end I thanked him for the explanation and told him it was quite satisfactory, to which he said that that that was good, since he had thought of it off the top of his head only in those few moments we had chatted. Makes me wonder!

Of course, no signing event is complete without a bit of cosplay, and how much of it there was today at this LCS! Their appearance just added all the more to the experience and of course it was fun to take a few pictures with them along the way. The especially sweet one was the grand (as well as exceptionally beautiful) Ivy Doomkitty whom had gone as classic Psylocke for the event, as well as Krystal Method, who posed as Catwoman. The dedication these people have to their passion is absolutely amazing and it was a pleasure to have met all of them.

And once again people, that's all she wrote for this blog. Another great experience meeting a comic great sprinkled with some downright awesome cosplay to keep the line waiting time an entertaining one. Stay tuned next weekend when I post on my experience meeting ANOTHER comic creator. Thank you and goodnight...now beam me up Scotty...

Alright just a few more because I'm the good guy here ^_^

A gender bent Hellboy, gotta love it, no?

No he didn't give me the penance stare, as much as he wanted....

Amazing Eduardo, dudes! (Kudos to ANYONE who gets that reference...)

And finally, in this universe, Tim Drake shall ALWAYS have been a Robin at one time. Thank you, and that's all, folks!


Image Comics signing at my LCS this week, meeting Ed Brubaker!

It seems like only a week I was blogging to y'all about my most recent meeting with major hitters at Marvel who were at a signing for a NOW event...oh wait a minute...it WAS a week ago! Alright alright, lame humor aside, I bring you all another wonderful adventure in my life of meeting famous comic book creators. This week at my LCS we had none other than Ed Brubaker on hand to sign copies of Fatale #10. But in addition, there were also present fledgling comic book creator Duffy Boudreau on behalf of the release of the first issue of his ongoing BlackAcre, and writer Kel Symons and letterer Pat Brosseau promoting the release of i Love Trouble #1.

Suffice it to say, it was quite the evening! The real target person to meet was no doubt Brubaker, who's writing is so awe inspiring and flowing that even the most discerning comic book enthusiast can't help but appreciate the man. I was there to not only have him sign my Fatale #10 copy, but also to have him sign my Batman: Gotham Noir graphic novel and my copies of Marvel Point One and Captain America #600. On top of having inspiring words to say about the profession of comic book writing, he also appeared to be quite humble in admitting he often had to fudge on historical facts and figures when doing some of his writing pieces; not that I would have slighted him in the least for it. In addition, he even gave away a poster of Fatale that I forgot to have him sign when my turn was up. So what did I do? I kindly went back to the back of the line and waited to come back again for him to sign once more. It was then that his guru-like words inspired me to finally realize, maybe my career choice in life has been wrong, and maybe I do have to try and make my passion of writing and my passion of comics work for me for a change...and pursue my passion in comic book writing. Now how many can say a meeting with a favorite comic book creator could do THAT for you? Not to mention, a later post from the LCS on FB informed me that Brubaker rarely ever has time any more to do signing events, so color me honored to have the opportunity to have met him!

In addition, Duffy Boudreau was on hand to sign copies of BlackAcre. I had originally come to the LCS today intent on having only Brubaker sign stuff, but with some time to spare before the signing and all, I was in there checking out the issue for this guy since he was coming in. And what I saw in BlackAcre blew me away with such interest that I slammed my money down immediately to purchase. Wonderful guy and I was glad to help him out in his first ever foray into the comic world. Go get 'em, Duffy! On a side note, he sure rocks those long sideburns, doesn't he?

As an added bonus, Kel Symons and Pat Brosseau were on hand to promote the release of the first issue of their ongoing i Love Trouble. I've not had the chance to read it yet but I was truly honored to have made their acquaintance and look forward to perusing it at my leisure. Being that I suddenly have inspired passion to write comics myself, I rather like the thought of supporting writers that are new to the game.

And that's all there is folks for this particular event! Stay tuned though, for I am due for another comic signing in the real near future...pancakes...is the only reference I can give as a clue to who I am seeing. If anyone figures out the clue, then kudos to you!


Marvel NOW! Signing at my LCS

Almost a month since my last blog people. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good but now to get to the meat and potatoes of what my latest blog will be on. Last night at my LCS I had the opportunity to go to a meet and greet signing event that was most entertaining. Last night four comic creators came down to meet loyal fans like I, including writers Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, and colorist Dean White. Despite the impossibly long line to wait in, I had a blast of a time spending it with my friends chatting in anticipation of meeting these great comic dudes.

Starting with that feller Rick Remender. Nothing but a nice guy, I tell you what. Let me just start by saying that I was coming here ironically with the intent of getting something signed that he did while at DC. From December, 2008 to January, 2009 Remender wrote a two-part story for the 2007-2011 volume of Booster Gold entitled "Stars in Your Eyes." I had them signed by him and also had the pleasure of talking to him about what the situation was regarding him writing only that two part piece. Suffice it to say, while he did recall having fun writing the piece, there were other details about it that seemed, shall we say, less than perfect? Still, we were both in agreement that Booster was a fun character and that he still had one helluva fun story accomplished for that ongoing. In addition, it was a pleasure having him sign my several covers of Captain America #1 and Uncanny Avengers #1 and was even good enough to do a rudimentary sketch for me on my blank variant cover Captain America issue. Quite the dude, I tell ya!

Dean White was also on hand to sign at will and he was truly awesome meet as well, though I will admit with all the work of having to sign things left and right he probably had the least to say of the four, but not that that was his fault of course. I've always been a fan of his coloring style and he does it wonderfully in the current Marvel NOW! rendition of Captain America.

Posehn and Duggan. Gosh, what can I say about these two awesome individuals that hasn't already been said? Well Brian Posehn off the bat I've been a fan of due to his acting credits (i.e. Dumb and Dumberer, Devil's Rejects, FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Surf's Up) as well as his stand up comedics with the likes of like minded comedians such as Janeane Garofalo and Zach Galifianakis. And of course, for most recent references, who can miss him from Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead? I knew about his work with Remender and Duggan with the Image miniseries Last Christmas and was delighted to meet the individual in the flesh finally. Nothing but a warm personality to show he was delighted in meeting his fans and was most considerate.

And finally Gerry Duggan. At first I didn't recognize him in all honesty due to his healthy growth of beard from what you can see in the pictures above. Really is amazing what facial hair can do over time, can it? Well, nothing really more can be said other than he was another generous individual who was delighted to be met and greeted by his fans. What he and Posehn are doing for Deadpool is so far a great and wonderful effort that should be recognized by ALL who are a fan of the Merc with the Mouth.

Well, that's all there is, folks! Another great signing down the tube and I sure couldn't have asked for a more wonderful time had meeting these fine comic book writers and artists. Happy enjoying the blog with the promise that there are going to be other signing event blogs coming up in the near future! Oh, and for those that want to point out, yes, that is my "No Shave November" achievement thus far on my face. Come Saturday I'm clipping it and styling it into a Tony Stark goatee. Peace all!


Jack-O-Lantern Delight

Well well, in light of how wickedly awesome Andy Bergholtz is regarding the creation of a Dent and Joker jack-o-lantern, I must say that I'm hesitant to go along with my wonderful creations in this blog. Nevertheless, here y'all go and enjoy the wonderful jack-o-lantern greatness!