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Battle cry aside, pretty normal human being actually. Been a lifelong comic lover who recently got back into the groove of collecting just in time for the Final Crisis in DC. Not much for the realm of Marvel unless it concerns good ole Dr. Banner or Thunderbolt Ross. Other than these loves of the Big Two, I have interests elsewhere, including Kevin Smith's Green Hornet from Dynamite Entertainment and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero from IDW. When not indulging in my comics or my weekly Wednesday fixes at my local comic shop, I enjoy watching movies or reading science fiction. So nerdiness/geekiness central here. But one thing that is definitely worth noting is that unlike a great majority of the comic fans out there, I am one who engages it from the perspective of an historian since history is something that I have intimate knowledge about. Having both my B.A. and M.A. in it, I know quite a bit. Well, that is definitely enough to know for now, with more to come later!