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Bats is smart. But Midnighter's foresight would account for that.

That's not to say that Bats couldn't take him in a rematch.

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Well, apparently something huge is happening in June/July and Jubes is at the center of it. We'll see, but the writers have hinted that Jubilee fans will love it.

I love Jubes too, not the terrible 90's cartoon version; the awesome, wise-ass Jim Lee era Jubes.

But then again I find it extremely hard to really hate any X-Men... well, maybe Longshot. And Havok, and Polaris.

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God, everybody's following rules... fine. But I'm highly upset about BP! Just so y'all know...

Hank Pym - 13

Mockingbird - 55

Ms Marvel - 84 (-4)

Wasp - 61 (+4)

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Heh heh... No, jk.

Black Panther

Ant Man

Luke Cage

Scarlet Witch



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Me too. And I also love Jim Lee.

Somebody kidnap Joss Whedon and Jim Lee and force them to work on X-Men for the rest of their lives...


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You should ask someone who drank at a "Colored" fountain in the 30's what Black traits are, it didn't take much at all then.

There were times when it only took 1 drop of Black blood to be Black. I don't think there is any one answer, if you ask me

(Oh, I guess you did) I'd say someone with recent African ancestry who socially and culturally identifies as Black.

If you read the end of my other post, the argument I make is that there are no specific "black" traits.

Maybe a range, though.

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@cbnnexus said:

Folks for slavery weren't racist. They simply knew blacks were inferior and were "happy" where they were.

Folks against women's right to vote weren't sexist. They just knew that women were lesser citizens compared to men.

Folks against interracial marriage weren't racist. They simply knew that it was against God's natural plan for procreation.

Folks against gay marriage aren't bigoted. They just know that gays are second rate citizens/unnatural/fill in the blank.

Almost every generation has its own civil rights battle. Being aware of history constantly repeating itself progressively, why would anyone choose to be on the wrong side of history? I just don't get it.

Here's a dose of reality for you folks. Gay marriage is advancing faster than ANY civil rights issue in history. In just a few short years by civil rights standards, those of you who are fighting against allowing gay marriage will be doing what those who stood against desegregating schools are doing now: lying about which side you were on.

Whooo! Can I get a AMEN?! Hallelujah!!! Lawd, I couldnt'a said it better myself!!!


-For those of you who read X-Men and are sickened by all these gay people and their "AGENDA" why do you read X-Men?

For the pretty colors? Did you know it was about people who are hated and feared for being different... did you miss that part?

I don't know, it just seems like you're all missing the point.

Quite honestly, X-Men should've done this long ago, not just because it's safer and popular now, especially when you

consider that storylines, like the Legacy Virus, borrow heavily from gay history and were shown in a sympathetic and

relatable way - you'd think these books, out of them all, should have been at the forefront of proclaiming and promoting


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@202122: @202122 said:

Personally i like how iceman refuses to sit or stand

NO he has to be standing above everyone else on his ice path


I just died.