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It's a little sad that while secondary mutations were being thrown around, Forge wasn't given one that's a little more active than his passive current ability. It'd be nice if they'd made him a technomorph, like Scalphunter, since it would fit amazingly with his current ability to build any machine he could put his mind to. Since his understanding of the inner workings of machines is unconscious, psionically forming machines instantly with his mind from things around him would be natural.

Where, on the flipside, it's hard to understand how the hell Scalphunter does this with no innate ability whatsoever to understand how to build machines. His ability to instantly make guns and other weapons without even knowing how to do it is a little odd.

So, barring further developing his shamanistic abilities, any ideas on what would have been a nice secondary mutation for Forge, had he gotten one when they were being divvied out?

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@phoenixofthetides: Oh my gaw, I haven't seen those cards in years. Methinks I have the entire set of series 1 and 2, but started to falter after the 3rd.

But cattlebattle, you're right. Juggs was placed in the Colossus column by myself almost solely for size-factor, and maybe there's a little Pryde of the X-Men influence in there, too... Shame on me. Some of it's wishful thinkin too, since I've been itchin for Colossus to finally prove himself against Juggernaut for years. He may not have the strength to match him, but it'd be nice to see him use the strength he does have, and maybe a little intellect and balls to get the upper hand on him one of these days. But, you're right, there really is nothin else between the two besides that to make them rivals, specifically.

Devilsgrin, played with puttin Sinister in the general column, but I decided to put him in Cyke's since he's been a particular nuisance for Scott since he was a kid before the X-Men, through the X-Men and X-Factor, etc... also since Cyke's powers were, at one time, the only thing that could hurt him, which isn't true of Jean. Clearly part of my decisions for this list included the ability of the hero to match the villain in some way.

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Favorite Male X-Men_______ Favorite Female X-Men

  1. Nightcrawler __________1. Storm
  2. Cyclops _____________.2. Rogue
  3. Gambit ______________3. Emma Frost
  4. Wolverine ____________4. Psylocke (ninja)
  5. Colossus ____________.5. Dazzler
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@judasnixon: Yeah, people actually do talk like that. I'm from a small town in Louisiana, don't live far from there now. Cajuns actually sound far worse than Gambit does, a real bayou cajun accent is very hard to understand. The writers actually write Gambit's speech more "English" with French spellings than with cajun inflections ((the writer's write "mon' chere", but a cajun would pronounce it a little more like "mah-shah" with short A's like in "plant")).

As for Tatum, ugh... he may have the look, begged to play the part, and have Lauren Schuler-Donner crushin on him, but does he have the actin chops to pull off the Cajun? When I watch a movie with him in it his "acting" pulls me out of the movie completely. I would love him to do a good job, but I just don't expect much from him. And hopefully they go with a slimmer Tatum like the character, and not some over-buffed version.

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@devilsgrin81: I realize every Bat-villain isn't well-known, but I guess mentioning Batman was more or less to illustrate how outstanding villains make a character themselves outstanding. And I don't actually watch much X:TAS at all (not for a while at least), I just threw down whatever villains I knew from memory, but I did mention Zaladane (and Garrok by default) because of appearances in video games, toons, and comics (I think Zaladane's last appearance was during Jim Lee's run when I started reading comics so that might be why she'll always be in my head). And there was a point when Mystique was a member of the X-Men, I can't remember how it all turned out, but it was right around the time she was losing her marbles and dated Forge. And the Goblyn Queen was a part 616 canon, she was the main antagonist of Inferno.

edit: I see, there's a Goblyn Queen and a Goblin Queen. Didn't realize it. Thanks for the correction.

Also, I guess I look at the Shadow King and Apocalypse as general X-Villains and less of arch-nemeses for Storm and Archangel, since Archangel really has no hope of beating Apocalypse alone and Shadow King has strong rivalries with several different X-Men. Angel needs an arch-villain that's more or less his equal, and Storm, one that is primarily her own. I also didn't include Marrow or the Shi'ar because they have been traditionally "good guys" (admittedly the X-Men's relationship with the Shi'ar has been a back-and-forth one, but when lead by Lilandra it's been mostly good relations), and Callisto and Storm are on good terms now.

Also, Blade?... really?? Didn't read that arch, please tell me you're joking...

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With the semi-annoying trend of staple villains turning to the side of the angels (i.e. Magneto, the White Queen, Callisto, Juggernaut, Mystique, Toad, etc...) it seems if the X-Men aren't fighting each other or some other traditionally "good guys" they're tangling with less-than-stellar upstarts and forgettable bad guys. Should more attention be paid to setting up a stronger Rogue's Gallery for the X-Men, as a whole, but mainly for individual members? It seems to me that stronger, more interesting villains help shape characters and make them more interesting and memorable (Batman- has plenty notable well known villains) and focusing on individual characters could drive lots of great stories. Some of the core members of the X-men don't really yet have a specific villain they can really call their Arch-Nemesis, notably Archangel, Storm and Gambit, who have large storylines with Apocalypse, the Shadow King and Sinister, but can't really call them an arch that they don't share with the rest of the team...

So, just wondering where certain villains would fall against certain characters. Did a starter list of characters nemesis' below. Its mostly the older villains, haven't been keeping up lately, but feel free to add in archenemies and characters to this list.

GeneralApocalypse, Sentinels, Brood, Nimrod, Vargas, Stryfe, Hellfire Club, Shadow King, Zaladane, Brotherhood (Blob, Pyro, Avalanche, Destiny, Toad), Marauders, Deathbird, Phalanx, Goblin Queen, Bastion, Arcade, Exodus, Mastermold, Sauron, Nasty Boys, Savage Land Mutates, Vulcan
Professor XMagneto, Cassandra Nova, Onslaught, Mesmero, Danger, Legion
CyclopsMr. Sinister
WolverineSabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, Wendigo
ColossusJuggernaut, Ord
Gambitthe Assassin's Guild
Phoenixthe Dark Phoenix, Mastermind
BeastDark Beast
DazzlerMojo, (Malice?)
PsylockeSpiral, the Hand
Forgethe Adversary
Emma FrostSebastian Shaw

Black Tom

Rachel GreySelene
HavokLiving Monolith

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@arturocalakayvee: That was a response, not an accusation, so you should probably read it again. Wasn't referring to you, but if the shoe fits... And considering I've been on good old ComicVine since 2010 and you didn't show up until 2011 you should probably rethink that last bit, too. :)

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I agree with a lot of you. Storm has gotten the short end of the stick repeatedly on these toons. Her best portrayal, by far, was on Pryde of the X-Men, the toon the Arcade game was based on. That was an accurate Storm, and I loved the voice actor too. X-Men TAS was by far the worst, event though she played a far larger role than in any other toon, the voice acting was horrendous and made Storm a joke. She never talks like that in the books. None of the others were satisfactory, although I do love the WaTX scene with her and Warren. I also hate how annoying X:TAS made Jubilee, who was hilarious in the comix (OmegaRed "I am also capable of releasing my lethal pheromones into the air!" Jubilee "Most people can, Red, just too polite to talk about it...")

I still think WaTX was one of the better toons, though I know you guys didnt seem to like it much. The stories were original, which was nice, the designs (except for the serious HAIR problem... Nightcrawler's thin bangs, Wolverine's flyaways, Rogue's wtf and Storm's long-fro wtf) were great, the animation was superb, there were plenty of character appearances, and the voice acting was decent. Also Nightcrawler finally got his due... Loved that... There were cons, namely Forge (FLA- FLAMES... ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE... BREATHING, BREAT, HEAVING BREATHES... HEAVING...) Psylocke, Storm's weakness and Jean centered story... again... But it was, to me, not perfect but a step in the right direction.

Best animation - WaTX, Best story- X:TAS Best Character design (overall) - WaTX Best Voice Acting - WaTX

Best Characterizations... X:TAS - Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, Forge, Cable

PotX - Storm, Professor X, Cyclops

WaTX - Nightcrawler, Gambit, Jean, Bishop, Emma, Kitty, Iceman, Archangel

X:E - Wolverine, Professor X

Still needs a good toon representation - Colossus, Psylocke, Dazzler, Jubilee, Northstar, Cannonball, Warpath, Banshee, Havok, etc...

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Ooh, blasphemy!

Lol, I've thought about this before, I agree. Gambit should have a new love interest. But I will always, in my heart of hearts, want him with Rogue in the end.