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Yeah, cuz it makes her a better character. That's why I like the X-Men, more than any other characters. They have weaknesses and problems, which makes them relatable. I find Superman boring. The X-Men are king. Storm should not have any secondary mutations, she is already powerful enough. What she needs is Chris Claremont, LOL. A writer who knows how to handle her, to bring back the bare-knuckle strength to the character like when she led the team.

And villians

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Hnh, well whaddayou know!? And I didn't even vote...

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@Pania:  wow, I the audacity of some people, saying they are coming on here to spread knowledge.  Always trying to take the Black out of EVERYTHING.  If you knew anything about Egyptian history you'd know the name of this area of AFRICA (as much as you would like to make it the Middle East) was known as KEMET which literally means "Land of the Black," it was Greeks who later named this area Egypt as it's still known today after Cleopatra pretty much handed it over to the Romans.  You never mention that Lower Egypt was closer to the "Fertile Crescent" and Upper Egpyt was down further into Africa closer to the Sahara... You can make a case for Egyptians having more "racial mixture" in the later Dynasties (Cleopatra), not in the Early Dynasties.  
And there are African's who have lighter skin, green and hazel eyes naturally (Ethiopia/Eritrea), different hair textures as well, you go to Japan and the people there are going to look different from the people in Korea, so shouldn't it be a simple thing to figure that people in Zimbabwe are going to have different features from people in the Congo.  Anyway, the blue eyes and white hair is a feature of Storm's line of female mystics, and even if it weren't it's still right in line with the whole mutant aspect (blue skin, yellow eyes, Mystique).  In reality there are people who prematurely gray or go white (in my own family).  So I like this about Storm, it sets her apart, like Rogue's skunk stripe and Nightcrawler's tail.
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@RLAAMJR:  Uhh... why are you apologizing or making niceties... fvck that fools OPINION.  We got Ryu, Wolverine, Haggar, FELICIA (WTF!?!) ETC all over these trailers/openings MULTIPLE TIMES, and this fool got nerve enough to say "this ain't Storm vs Capcom"... uhh, how about  we time how long Morrigan is on the screen and put it up against Storm's time...  For a character who is literally GOD TIER in MVC2, STORM (arguably also Sentinel and Magneto equally) DESERVES more screen time on what's... like, the FOURTH opening on the game?!?!  Storm is Marvels SINGLE most RECOGNIZABLE female Super-character and I, for one, am tired of these sorry haters who have nothing better to do than come into OBVIOUS Storm-fan forums and hate on her because their mad at what a SISTA is doin.  Do you EVER see us on Thor or whoever else's forums hating on these characters? NO you don't cuz we got better things to do...  Only Black person ON the game and they don't even put her on the posters, I saw a shirt for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and EVERY CHARACTER ON THE GAME is on the shirt EXCEPT Storm (even SHUMA GORATH), and JUBILEE OF ALL PEOPLE is on the shirt FOR MVC3... WTF!?!?! So F! these sorry haters don't back down to them.  Give her her props.  Cuz if WE don't we'll never see another Black character worth anything, look at Bishop in the comics now!  Ruined... F THAT!! Storm shoulda got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more screen time than that 3 second fly-by she got. 
rant over...
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@rbysjti said:
"I would say, all of Storm's uniform are great and unique. But the latest is kinda too much. I think the latest just needs a little furnishing to make it look good on her.The best for me would still be the white uniform seen on the cartoon series."   
Oh my god, not to start a flame war, but as a Storm fan, you should really know that Storm's first white costume is her current one.
Storm's "90's" costume or actually her "Jim Lee era" costume that most people know her from is not white, it's silver.

All the earlier artwork for this costume show it as obviously silver, it wasn't until Storm appeared outside of the regular X-Men comics (like in crossovers or 3rd party books) where the artist/colorists didn't know what they were doing (like coloring Rogue's jacket green instead of brown or giving Psylocke 2 psychic knives instead of one) that Storm's costume started appearing to be white, so only people who don't know anything about comics think of it as white.  It's always been silver, from the books to the cartoon....  silver, not white ... god.

 Silver 90's, oh and look!! it's a Jim Lee drawing!

And for the record, the silver costume is definitely her most popular.  
At the time Jim Lee designed it, it was eXtremely popular, and arguably her most "liked" costume ever, next to her original.
But my favorite, is her current one (below) but I'm a huge fan of her orignal and SILVER costumes as well.