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I say go BALLS OUT and make the official DC Vs. Marvel Movie! The only way they can make more money is if they overturned all counterfeiting laws.

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What doesn't kill you makes you... stranger...

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I'm glad there are going to be alternate costumes for the fighters. They could get really creative with them.

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Judge Death? Maybe bring back Judge Death, but rework his origins to be rid of the supernatural elements. A psychopath who steals a Judge uniform and starts framing them for wanton murder of innocents to keep them off his back. He could use extreme body modification to look like a skeletal demon under his purloined uni and still have that twisted illogical mindset where, since only the living commit crimes, life is the greatest crime of all ("The Crime is Life and the Sentence is Death!"). Perhaps also recruit followers, based on the other Dark Judges, into a cult that intends on committing suicide after everyone else is dead by their hands.

If not, how about visiting other Mega Cities from across the planet (especially the Russian one) and exploring their relationships with MC1?

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My original thought was that the objects called The Ten Rings would have been the keys to a doomsday weapon (in this case the Extremis Plague), but with the introduction of magic (or some advanced alien science that LOOK like magic) in Thor, the Ten Rings could still retain the same basic origin as the comics.

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His mouth said "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

His eye tattoo and white clothes said "Time for a spot of the ol' ultra-violence."

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@CaioTrubat said:

So far we have 5 Bat-related characters in a 25 character roster. They might as well make the game about Batman -__-

I agree. I also don't like that the only really new thing they showed here was but a new arena, instead of a new character or at least more intelligible backstory. In fact, it's like, only two seconds of it, so I have no Earthly idea what it's supposed to be! STAR Labs? A Cadmus base? Did they install quantum transport gates into Arkham? Who knows.

NetherRealm, I am disappoint.

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Goodbye, Professor X.

See you in six months.

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Maybe this "Col. Schrader" is the alias of Oroku "The Shredder" Saki, and he changed his racial appearance like the villain from 007: The World is Not Enough did. And Schrader's Special Ops team was formed using Foot Clan ninja who were Trojan Horsed into the American military. Maybe the clan will be called the "Ashi", which is Japanese for foot.

And maybe Michael meant that the origin will be alien in nature. That the mutagenic ooze came from space or from alien technology. Probably hinting at the return of the Utroms or Krang.

Or maybe I'm gay and retarded.