Wiki Task Theme: THOR Movie Appearances

Are you looking at this pic or reading the damn blog post?
THOR is upon you mere mortals.  His mighty hammer mjolnir will smite all villains.  If thou eyes have been cast upon glorious film, these tasks are for thee!  Quick, rise up and take task in hand.  Earn your bounty.  Golden krona for all who work hard.  For every hero, villain and puny mortal that shows face in THOR movie, edit their article in the wiki and regale us with tales of awe and whoa.  No character is too small, give them ever lasting life in Asgard by chronicling their adventures or failures in this movie:  THOR.

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not fair, I always look at the images first...

Sorry, I know little about Thor characters

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The Picture was right there, I had to look!
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The best twist ending to the movie should go like this:


Thor has apparently beaten the "big boss" or "criminal mastermind dude" already and stuff. So he and the Black Swan go walking down an alley way, all "happy-like", when the Hulk comes smashing in. The Hulk doesn't look mad or enraged, but has a look of intense desire. Thor (remembering what the Hulk did to him in "Hulk Vs Thor") knows what the Hulk has in mind, which is raping our friendly neighborhood viking god. To escape this agonizing fate, Thor grabs Natlie Portman and throws her at "Mean Green". The Hulk, being the Hulk, is unfazed by the Academy Award winner's impact. He deadlocks his gaze to Thor's eyes and smirks to himself in satisfaction. Thor is horrified, because there is about a quarter ton of gamma radiated genitalia waiting for him. In fear, Thor attempts to fly away, but the Hulk grabs the back of his cape before he can takes off. Thor's destiny is sealed.


And the ending credits should play the sound of the Hulk howling and Thor squealing like a stuck Irish pig (a referance to "The Untouchables"), and the smacking sound of superpowered flesh.


I would like to thank the Academy. LOLZ


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I'm sorry...what's the task queue on? All I can do is stare at his muscled chest....

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You crazy kids.... if you've seen the movie, then the task is pretty straight forward, we just need to add a couple paragraphs about the character in the THOR movie to their pages.