Site Updates: things that crash

There was a crazy bug when using the text editor and inserting images.  Often clicking "Search this Site" in the image popup mutliple times would cause a browser crash.  This should not happen anymore.

FYI, I have tidy list of bugs that happen in the text editor on different browsers that I am still working on.  Plus I pushed out alot of bug fixes to other issues this week.  If you get a browser "CRASH" while using the text editor please let me know about it in the Bug Forums boards.  And also let me know what actions/clicks lead to the crash.  We dont want the text editor to ever crash your browser, so if it does, let me know so I can track down the problem. Thanks!

Site Updates: features you wanted.

You can now delete a gallery in your profile images and if you are wiki mod you can delete galleries from the wiki images.  I'll allow users with over 10,000 points to delete galleries from the wiki soon.

Delete a Gallery.
 You can also completely remove your profiles background image.  Just go to Change Icon in your profile, then in the popup window look for the red circle with a minus in it. Click it and save!
Remove your background image.

Battles/Powers upgrade

I just put up new code in the battles/powers section, so let me know if you have any trouble.  I know for a half hour the site and the battles pages were schetchy because I was crunching a huge amount of data to convert all the votes into the new system.  Now we are using the same code that is using for their battle setup, it's newer code.  Mainly battles/powers pages should load faster now.... AAaaaand all the votes have been updated so you may notice rank changes. 

THUMBS, no need to click on tiny radio buttons, just hover over the thumbs

Try the new stuff here

New TextEdit - Wysisyg

Hey people:

I am putting a new texteditor (aka: wysiwyg) on the site.  For those not in the know, I'm talking about the box you type your messages in here on the site.  The moderators having been testing the new editor for a while now, and now it's your turn.  For now I am putting the editor in the Forums, Comments, PM, Review section of the site.  We'll wait to put it into the wiki once we test it somemore.

All in all the new editor should be easier to use and will allow us to add new features to it with greater ease.  Any way feel free to hit me up with any questions or bugs about it.



Random Comicvine SDCC pictures... I got lots of hugs.

Hey all, in case you didn't notice, San Diego Comic-Con was last weekend and Comicvine was there in force.  It was a heck of a crazy weekend full of late late late nights and early early early morning.  We got more then 50 videos so far, we chased down Jorge Garcia (video) and got a wacky interview with Tyrese where he confused Wonder Woman with "SOOPA-WOMAN!"

Any way here are some pics I just randomly shot with my point-and-click.  As you make notice, there was a lot of hugging going on. :)

Click pictures to enlarge!

And BTW, my video for "Booth Babes" is now the most watched video here on Comicvine, you dirty birds!