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I started off being one of his biggest advocates and a huge fan of his early work. I was telling other comic book fans in school about Grant Morrison and back then, nobody had a clue who he was. He was just seen as that "out there" writer.

As my Dad is good friends with Grant, he had all of Grants work usually before anyone else did. I grew up reading Doom Patrol and a few one shots by Grant Morrison which were all great.

However, lately I find all his work crap. I went through the entire comic line for "The Invisibles" and thought it was all a bunch of intellectual bullcrap.

I'm a big fan of the Batman franchise and was looking forward to reading Grant Morrisons run. I actually liked his run of the X men but I could tell he had no real passion for Batmans storylines. It was just the same old Grant Morrison trademark and he clearly just wanted to do his own thing. Bringing in Batgod? Introducing these daft characters from the Golden Age? Having Joker know Batman is Bruce Wayne?

I suppose Grant Morrison is like marmite (love him or hate him) because he's going to do only what HE wants.

Yes, you could say his storylines are intelligent and bla bla bla but he's just putting down what works for him. I'm currently reading the New 52 Superman in the Action Comics series and it all reeks of Grant Morrison. Him and his irritating time travel and mind bending multi dimensions. Eventually, it doesn't even feel like a DC comic and feels more like Grant stroking his own intellectual prowess again.

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Agreed. She needs to fill another niche in the DC world. Superman does all the generic grand scale superheroey-ness. Batman does more detectivey noir-style superheroy-ness. Flash is a bit more zaney and comical (which I would imagine is similar to perhaps Spidermans comics). Green Lantern gets involved with galactic fights.

Aquaman and Wonderwoman both need something that's a contrast to the above four mentioned. I suppose Martian Manhunter too. I've never been compelled to look at aquaman comics because I can only ever imagine it being like The Little Mermaid except from the viewpoint of king trident.

The reason Batman is the most popular is because his stories are intelligent and his rogues gallery is fantastic. I can barely think of any Superman villains other than Lex Luthor, Bizzaro and a couple of others I only recognise by sight.

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I thought the OP was going to make a better point.

If the OP said how Batman is the main highlight of DC, yet all he does is skulk around Gotham City while Superman is a global savior, that would've been a good point.

Superman should be the number 1 DC character. We should all be pining for his comics and we should know about his rogues gallery more than Batmans. Yet, they made Superman invincible save for Kryptonite. It really limits what you can do to fight Superman.

Really, when I think about it, Batman should really be in the middle when it comes to importance. Superman and Wonderman should be the most relevant. Green Lantern should be the next since the Lantern corps protect the universe. Then Aquaman since the earth is covered by 75% water. Batman in comparison is just looking after Gotham City. It's just a fluke that he is the most popular since he had some of the best writers working on him (Chuck Dixon, Jeph Loeb, Alan Grant e.t.c).

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I consider myself a big Batman fan since I have read LOADS of Batman comics. I started on Alan Grants stuff and continued reading all major story arcs. You could see the progression of each character relating to gotham city, including all the best rogues.

I was thoroughly enjoying the whole Batman mythos except for when they began killing off some of Batmans best villains (RatCatcher, Firefly, Killer Moth becoming a real killer moth, Black Mask) although I liked the new Ventriloquist.

I loved the inclusions of Great White Shark, Humpty Dumpty and Hush but then suddenly Grant Morrison came along and messed it all up. He decided to do what he liked in Batman and convoluted the storyline with time travel elements. I know Grant Morrison himself doesn't even like Batman.

When the new 52 came out I was really hoping for a complete reboot of both Batman and Green Lantern. That way, they could've all been in the same chronology. All the changes since then have become dull and desperate.

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Another thought came to mind whilst reading through the comics.

Did anyone else feel the Ultimate Spider Man comics were targetting some sort of Emo audience? It was quite annoying throughout the issues how you had pages of Peter pulling sad faces while tormenting himself with silly inner monologue about how his life is so unfair. He still had his one liner witticism about him during intense fight scenes which I thought was great but there were too many instances where he'd be arguing with Mary Jane and it'd result with HIM running off crying.

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Thanks for the replies. Those four points were mainly just some thoughts of mine that I wanted to share and see what others thought. They weren't meant to be direct questions but I liked your responses.

Still shocked to know Daredevil was killed off during Ultimatum. I suppose he didn't seem relevant to the rest of the Ultimate Universe. I've personally never been a fan of his. Does he even know how much of a tit he looks? Y'know being blind and all.

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Hello guys. Haven't been on here in ages since I haven't been reading comics.

However, I've just recently plowed through 133 issues of Ultimate Spiderman and thoroughly enjoyed it. It did leave me with many thoughts (especially the ending).

1: So Peter Parker dies a 16 year old virgin in a most brutal abrupt way. I've looked it up and I can see it continues with Miles Morales. Are there supposed to be 17 extra issues inbetween this Miles saga and Peters death? Are they worth searching around for?

2: What did any of you think of the way the rogues gallery in this rehash? I was mostly disappointed in the way the villains were portrayed. Kraven was just a fool who barely got in a fight. Mysterio barely made an appearance. Chameleon did not make an appearance. The Scorpion guy ended up being a Peter clone. I saw no finality over what happens to Doc Ock and Kingpin. Most of the Rogues Gallery usually got beaten up by other Marvel heroes. It really downplayed Spiderman to be one of the weakest heroes. I guess he is only 15 though.

3: Any conclusion with Shadowcat? Did Daredevil die? Amazing.

4: I was mostly disappointed with Carnage. I really really liked his first iteration where he tears shit up with his entourage of Shriek, Doppelganger, Carrion and Demogoblin. There was also no real finality in the Spiderman series of what happened to the Venom and Carnage symbiote.

Hope some of you fellow comic nerds out there share some of my opinions. What do you recommend to me regarding the many many works of spiderman out there. I don't like the sound of Doc Ock becoming Spiderman. I'm not ready for that yet.

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C'mon now you guys. You have to respect the OP and keep this Susan Boyle related.

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@Deranged Midget: You liked Resident Evil 6? I bought the game not long ago and me and a friend were so excited to get stuck into 2 player co-op straight away.

So far, we've only done a bit of Chris' campaign and I'm really not impressed. Not one scary part; the split screen is too small and when I was playing as Chris, I could not see my own crosshair for the gun/rifle aim. There are parts, so far in the game, that were just plain irritating. Chasing after silly spiders and lizardy looking things is NOT scary nor exciting.

I really hope I chose the weakest of the three campaigns.

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Really? Haven't played as her yet. I've only been practicing ways to tag assault using Paul and Jack 6.

I find Jun is an easy spammer option aswell. Jun and Unknown together are a frustrating combination.