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hello my name is Grif', I am French, I am 27 years old and I am graphist in freelance. From : Tours Birthday: September 22 Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs.) Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown I was born by a September afternoon in 1980 in a town in the Oise (60) named Creil, I weigh and measure 1m75 not heavy. My face is covered with a pile of hair that conceals a facies at the John Merrick. Level music, I am a fan of heavy metal, but I am not closed, the radio and entertainment in the various musical made me move toward more eclectic bringing me to hear both "Judas Priest "as" Eminem "through the" Body Count "and" Black Berurier "to" Luke. " Because I was so Broadcaster and before that phone operator in Vag.fm (90.2 MHz) a local radio beside Orleans. My Issue packed weekend in a niche of 22 hours at midnight, Vag tenderness 2 hours Slow, blah, or presentation titles, the only treatment for dedications were ... It has been a little over ten years now that I am literally, in the Oise first with Leader Games, and Orleans, where I joined the Camarillia, I also did my weapons as editor the fanzine, I had to stop this activity, as well as radio Arriving at Turvicum in 2000. I am also on a MMORPG named "City of Heroes", I play a pest melee obscure / invulnerability called Red Fire, leader of the Hell's Fire group of super heroes as Rock n 'roll of any Paragon City. Other games on the net shooter, role-playing and adventure online allowing participants to embody a Troll in search of adventures. The game takes place in lap for a period of 12 hours during which the players can do their Troll by spending up to 6 points Actions. I Grif bétonneur the killer killer, our Guild called "Hunters of TKs" Trolls understand Killers. I am self-taught, I use Photoshop since 2002. I "draw" from tiny, but nothing staggering because the image of the parts that I get for my creations, I must confessed that I am not a creator but a recopieur and now an assembler. I prefer to use the term DIY for what I do ... My trick is to pieces left and right to restructure and create an illustration any other; It was this that made me a lot Photoshop. I worked very hard for the group from a friend "OBE" by making banners, covers, fly ... Then for others in my neighborhood as the manager of a boutique, also organizer of the evening, the cafe next door for me and my tournaments tattoer in its conventions ... My inspirations range from Comics to Andy Warhol through Shayan Israelis and Christopher Shy, but I also draws in the advertising, film or music. But if art is my first love, it is unfortunately not in this milieu that I move professionally; Certainly my job was again an art but it's not anymore, I am a carpenter. Bon me the workshop is not my thing too, I prefer to be on my sites. But even there, in almost 10 years, the profession to decline to move towards something more simple and quick to ask for a question of efficiency and profitability. Then the vinyl window is good, there is a lack of talks, but it is the patches that kills the trade. I am also currently interim. However, I recently had a small worries health will allow me to refocus myself ... A bad for a well. My greatest quality is my deductible, but it is also my greatest failure, I say what I believe to whom I want, as stated in the sayings: All truths are not good to say, but hey, if my franc speaking can help my friends to move forward in this case, I have no reason to be ashamed of my big mouth. They love me or hate me for this reason, and never change. My others passions are tattoo, women, photoshop, food, city of heroes, drink ... I like the comics since my childhood because they always made me dream I created my character Red Fire with the game "City of Heroes", he's the Hell's Fire leader's group and being fan of comics I have fun to make it meet the other heroes and villains of this world whith my fakes on photoshop.