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Where did you leave off? Are you talking about the show or the comic book?

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When I saw the credits and realized Steph was in it, I got all sorts of giddy. I really enjoyed her Batgirl series.

Back on topic. We also have see Cissie King-Jones in Season one, along side Greta. I don't think Anita has made an appearance in the show yet. They pretty much have at some point showed off the original Young Justice characters

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It would be a shame to see Young Justice get only two seasons, it's up there with Batman: TAS and both Justice League and Unlimited in terms of quality. Green Lantern and Beware the Batman, CGI really turns me off, I personally can't stand they way it looks. It they did it more like Clone Wars which has a great presentation to me.

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@jasontodd7 said:

Black Beetle looked so over-powered .. I guess in the final battle bettwen the leagues and the invaders only blue bettle at this point could handle him properly, but blue beetle showed weakness to magic, would that apply to black beetle as well? Because if it does i guess Zatanna, Doctor Fate or Captain Marvel would crush him easily..

Yeah, I was pretty surprised how easily Cassie and Connor were getting thrown around. Part of me laughed when you see Tim and Babs trying to hold him off. I have a feeling Ted Kord might have found away to weaken the Reach before he died

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@RedHood1110 said:

YJ is sorta like the Firefly of Cartoon Network. There's a diehard fanbase who are sick of seeing the network kick the hell out of the show and then act surprised when viewers speak up in its defense.

That's a pretty good statement

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@Black_Claw said:

Ah, forgot about good ol deathstroke! But then again, he was mostly Nightwing's problem in the comics. And it would be nice if Ron Pearlman reprised his role as him from Teen Titans.

I'd say he was mainly a Titans/Teen Titans Villian. Though I found he was more prominent during the lead up to Infinite Crisis with the Society

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I have no sympathies for MM, Conner warned her. I personally wouldn't be surprised if she dies at some point. I mean Deathstroke is gonna appear at some point in the show....

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This was the episode the creators initially wanted to be the hiatus back a couple of months ago. This episode sets up A LOT, there's also huge ramification everywhere. We can assume Kaldur is an a catatonic state just like Psimon was in, who knows when/if he'll recover. That's gonna cause Manta to seek revenge most likely for harming is son. Megan know knows that Dick had this planned and didn't inform her or Conner about it, so that's a betray of trust right there. Will she confront Dick alone, or will she share with the rest of the team. What's gonna happen when he finds out what she did to Kaldur. She does that latter, not a lot of people will trust Dick. Now that the Reach has been shown as the partner, they'll move their plans up, as they did my introducing themselves to the UN.

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@mcclellanscott said:

@The Poet: What I read on the Internet last night was there is something to do with the 20th birthday celebration. One of the producers from GL:TAS actually said he didn't know about the hiatus until Twitter blew up yesterday morning.

That's the thing, apparently only the Cartoon Network execs knew the change. They never informed, DC or the shows creators about it and only found out through Twitter

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I wonder if other regions will air the show in the next couple of week. CN can't be the only place airing Young Justice