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"Sir I'm not a criminal only lives I've taken were for the better. The reporters don't know me though so they reacted in a welcomed way." Making her case clearly offended by being called a criminal. "I came here not because of what I've done but what I might of done had I not. Before you assume you know someone maybe you should get to actually know them." After catching her breath taking a moment to calm down she looked to Luna "I'd be happy to help you clear your name."

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"Evening sir find some quiet? I find the roof quite efficient." As was custom of the ussualy easy going book worm she didnt seem the least bit hostile. Nobody would look at her and think she'd almost butchered a series of news reporters. "I felt like helping, as expected the brown noses were doing what they do. I'm not a fan of such. Mr Alchemy this is" pausing of course to let the winged woman speak.

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Residing on the roof reading one of her many books Dreya knew of the hesitant arrival. She'd been rather calm and remained out of sight up until the sudden uproar of questioning. So much questioning it was hard for the winged hero to so much as get a word in. Or for Dreya to get through a single sentence of her book. Slamming it down with enough of a thud to disrupt the clamor she leapt downward. As poise as ever.

"Excuse me but when it comes to heroics there's only two types of people. Predators and martyrs. Sorry if we don't seem in our right mind or insane but we do run into gunfire." The youthful figure stepping up for the warrior.

"And who are you?"

"Is that the daughter of"

"Shut up" Dreya remarked not wanting to remember.

"They say you ran away night of the accident is that true?"

"Please shut up. The past is past okay."

"Did you kill them?"

"Know what f-ck you!" The remark came with her scythe slicing the cameras apart and then the microphones being waved about. "Here's a story for you. You ever bother her again, I'll take your soul and eat it." She didn't yell or bother to act intimidating there was no need. Most people won't bother someone who not only used such a large weapon but evidently used it well. "Welcome to the Reedemers home to the ex villainous down trotten and forgeten. Dreya at your service."

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@_creed_: @timesiphon: @mr_alchemy_: "Sir by making it wrong or taboo your virtually prompting them to do it. It's virtually in ones nature to be rebellious. As a fifteen year old trust me I would know." Finishing her thought on the mater turning and offering to shake the newcomer's hand. "Names Dreya nice to meet you."

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@cynbel: @timesiphon: @Mr_Alchemy_ @lock_n_stock @ginju

"Sir if you haven't noticed this place is going to hell, possibly in a literal way. We don't have time for you to have some foreplay with the enemy." She remarked briefly after his request, all the while trying to sustain violent urges. With every passing moment it seemed the prison was getting worse. While this hall wasn't to bad yet most the rest of the compound was a slaughtering ground. One that practically begged for dark things to come out and play and her inner demons were no exception.

A sense of focus came as spikes burst from the earth. A granite spear pierced the teenagers gut with abrupt swiftness spilling oily black blood along the floor. "Thank you for that Ginju." Despite the pain it also provided a focal point to keep herself in control. Pulling herself off the spike led to a barely visible scab forming over the wound and sparring the teen any serious harm. And with that she took off.

Traveling at five thousand miles per hour with a scythe nearly monomolecular in edge swirling about she'd be able to clear many of the spikes between the group and opposition. Her scythe came first with an attempt to split the man in two, followed by a motion to remove his very arm. Lastly with a final palm strike she hoped to seize the man's soul if he had one and use it to bind him to that one spot he stood dropping mobility almost to a zero. All of which was performed in no more then a second thanks to her speed.

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@lock_n_stock: @ginju: @timesiphon: @mr_alchemy_:

Dreya spent the meeting and trip doing her best to memorize the layout of the asylum. The more she knew on the building the better, and thus the more useful she thought she'd be. Her studies were meticulous seeking to know every corridor to the very light fixtures. "If your going to give me a pet name sir just go with Wednesday." Referring of course to the daughter of the macabre family.

On arrival Reaver's scythe materialized in her hand. The extensive reach allowed her to block oncoming projectiles. An anxious twitch lingered in her free hand the fifteen year old far more hungry to kill then she let on. "Nicely done by the way Selfy stay safe." Her voice carrying over the comm system with complements.

"Ginju please do yourself a favor and surrender yourself over it'll be far quicker and less painful." The youth remarked hoping for quick resolution. Her following remark was more a faint self contained mumble "that and I can't keep it in line." Her restless and violent half virtually clawed at her the chaos of the prison made control difficult.

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Probably will post tonight won't wait forever

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"Even bastards are redeemable sir, isn't that like our mission statement sir." There was a playful sarcasm to her tone and undeniably a lack of malevolence. From appearance nobody would suspect her to be as murderous as she was or even close to as lethal. "I'll leave you to it, though might I borrow that last one? She gestured to the book that had just been finished. "Haven't been able to find a hard copy of it thus never read it."

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"What that's no." The teen remarked once finally finding someone, it was to her like bumping into a teacher that she didn't know. Those moments had always been a tad odd for her as she usually knew all the teachers at school. "Um I mean no sir I was looking for the Redeemer's I've a friend who'd heard of this place and thought it a good idea for me as well." The vast selection of books helped her calm down some in tension.

"I'm Dreya" she remarked extending her hand. "Good book by the way sorry if I disturbed you."