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She was no saint no savior and sure as fck no hero. She was closer to the antichrist then a protector of the people. But Noir's soul was bound to DC and Noir's soul was what kept Reaver amongst the living. As such even if it ment feeling like a prisoner she would stand beside the man. For now however she truelly was commited, for if the visionary constructed a peaceful world then laws would not be needed. And if the world thought it secure, then she could make it be reasoned in darkness.

He imagined peace and prosperity, she imagined a reckoning that followed. An emergence of evil so great it would bring about Armageddon. And when Armageddon came she would be a god that even sky fathers would fear. But for now...she was just a faded shadow of herself. She was Reaver one of the more dangerous blades of the brighter tomorrow.

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"Except I don't hide my wrath. I've yet to pluck a child's soul but everyone here knows I'm not to be troubled. Death spares nobody, it's finite that things come to an end. That being said I don't know why you insist on waiting. Tell me, if the enemy kicks in your gate and enters your home do you have an advantage? Or did you already lose the first round? Personally i prefer to kill ones family make them reckless, crush their home make them unbalanced, let them strike think they've one. Then with heart torn, footing displaced and guard down. You rip their throat from ear to ear becoming soaked in there blood." Her pleasantries of daydreaming of carnage came to an end when she noticed the plant. "Pointing fingers is rude. Do you have a reason for such an act?"

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@darkchild: the moment was savored, more the physicality then emotional though. No heart existed in the child of Death other then that of the host. "Except I am not Lucifer and my vision isn't hell. I don't want dominions of blazing rivers or golden fences. Paradise doesn't exist, that is what Noir believed. As do I, hence why I exist. Paradise is the wild, the jungle, a lawless providence where might settles differences." The lines were nothing new from her lips, she was frequently the bane of rules, laws and all things that gravitated around order, order being almost a fantasy like concept she couldn't comprehend. "A beautiful image, minus one thing. I don't get hurt one can't injure death. I just hope these flesh sacks can hold their own."

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@darkchild: As a demon the whole notion of this replacement soon to come was a exceedingly complex thing. She endorsed polygamy after all she was a creature of lust. Simultaneously however she was a creature of greed, what was hers was usually hers alone. As a creature of wrath she wanted to slaughter both for the insult. But the will of Noir made the fiend a sloth, to lazy and incapable of killing the man or someone close to him. For all the demons ego, sacrifice, and abilities here she felt powerless.

"What the fck do you think!" Her blood hued eyes a mirror of hell itself during her brief rage. And the rodent play thing erupted like a plump water ballon hitting concrete. The rats blood then absorbed into Reaver's skin leaving no trace of gore upon her skin. "Apologies that was hardly regal. I grow bored my darkling. Noir and I were queen of a empire of new horizons built upon ash of the enemy. Now you have us as a trophy in a school. Noir's to connected to let me leave, and I don't want to. But this, complacency isn't for idealistic devils."

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Reluctantly the ravenous ruinous Reaver remained dormant docile and deprived. She'd come from the depths of hell born to crave evisceration. Her sadistic ambitions brought the devils diva to be the exile of the sea of flames. She'd weaved her way into liberation to once again haunt the world. Now however instead of conquest she was the silent trophy wife. For the death dealer had no use amongst students, and rarely could she socialize if proper image was to be maintained. So it was far in the yard masked by the plant life she sat accompanied by the soft shrieks of a rat she tortured.

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@darkchild: both lol

@charlemagne: i get your reasonings. But then again I wanted to do shit so I did xD I make no apologies lol

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@charlemagne: if you can do it to a mutant why not others ;)

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@charlemagne: naw DC as we all know is just the word used to describe the culmination of any aaa do all perverse terminology :p

also btw your right Reaver isn't a mutant. But guess what? I don't give a f! It let me do what Azra wants to do with Azra's character ;)

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@charlemagne: "know what the definition is? Somebody who gets others killed" truth is it's also easier to kill others yourself :D