The Champion That Once Was[quick history of Reaver and VHC]

You might have heard of the tournament in which a young beauty hopes to obtain freedom. How there is a longing to be able to once again explore the world. But were you able to look past those emerald eyes and question what placed the hostess where she is? Clearly her island is not the luxury resort it's made out to be, so then what brought her there. Let us start from the begining a little over two thousand years ago when a demonic dragon and the entity of death got together. They would give birth to Natalia who often used the name Reaver. From the begining you may think this was nothing troubling. A demon baby in hell born of the reaper and the largest of fiends what would she have to fear? That however was the troubling domain, she had nothing to fear everything else did.

Natalia began as a girl wanting to learn how to seduce lie and kill. That was all she wanted, to bend people to her will she craved control. And in the begining this was fine she chased the perception of power. Like many of children of this apocalyptic domain she was simply in persuit of becoming something important something special. Then came Natalia's thirteenth birth day and her mother Melashin the fierce wishing dragon offered Reaver a wish. And perhaps that was the worst call to ever make. Reaver looked her mother in the eyes and said "I want you to give me the power to claim hell for myself." And so it was done a thirteen year old girl was given the power of a goddess.

Her first action was to use her now incredible mind to reach into the brain of her mother. And in a horrifying blast of psychic energies reducing the dragons mighty mind to that of a simple animal. In a solitary instant the woman who granted the demon godhood was reduced to little more then a pet. With a wishing dragon to fall back on the young teen began her crusade. A war against all that dared oppose her. From a young age Reaver had learned her styles that would allow her to be a nightmare upon the battlefield. Reapuskujin and Imorteelen were together a fury upon the field that was frightening to be against. Reapuskujin was a hellish fighting style she had learned from her father. It mixed grapples and stabs with large arcs of motion. The notion being to fill the battlefield with such large over lapping arcs that one could do nothing but be caught in the ripping motion. While Imorteelen was the art of using ones healing abilities and the demented joy one got from pain to forge a ruthless style. Rather then repeling an attack one would let the attacks often carry through to some regard. Then in the blink of an eye that opening from a blade in the foe would be exploited for the kill. Embracing pain to deliver execution and for years her powers and these styles served her well.

Entire battle fields would be filled with fiends that came at her charging with rightious or maniacle fury. The sound of there advance would be like thunder pounding in a storm that seamed impossible of being real. And yet never did the daughter of death fall performing acrobatic and numerous movements with Reapuskujin to cleave entire droves of enemies apart. Eventually the numbers broke through managing to strike Natalia. A moment which she embraced, at times arms stretched out wide in humble welcome. But in these moments when the hoards roared in triumph she would reveal the mythical aspect of the little armor she wore. It was composed of demonic dragon bone. It could twist change and warp at will and in a sea of tendrils and snaking claws the triumphant would then be reduced to a rain of limbs. Death's child had embarked on a war against all, and it was a war she seemed for many years to be wining.

Then he came, the angel Gabriel poisoning the glorious thrill of war. Reaver believed the angel to be a girl all this time, no warrior just a harp playing hyped up bird. That was far from the case though the mighty angel clashed with Natalia in a brawl that shook mountains. It was said that when the legendary Nova Scythe that Reaver used colided with the weapon of Gabriel crashed with such force the sonic booms had detonated victems to close. Reducing demons and mighty warriors to explosions of gore. Many a time both the child of Death and one of Heaven's finest had come close to an actual defeat only to escape in the last moment. Untill Gabriel forsaked melee combat and graceful movements and used a barrage of holly light constructed crosses. Natalia Lilith Moxy Morbida had been bested for the first time in her life. Her body was mangled half of her body still the beautiful deviant the other skeletal remnants with charred tendants hanging.

"Death much to my distain will come to all but seemingly not his child. And yet the herasy your corupt body has brought is inescusable. Repentance is something which you will never chase after. So by the power envested in thee I part you with your divinity untill the blood is enough to flood the streets of Babylon." And in a flash of blinding painful light Reaver found herself on an abandoned island. She looked behind her and saw the polluted seas of a unknown part of hell. They were mostly peacefull but one could see small fires burning throughout as well as toxic green portions. In a burst of speed using fire to make her move as fast as any jet if not faster she tried to fly away. No matter which direction she went though she found herself back on the island. She had been banished to a sub dimension of hell a place where she could not escape.

Cogs of the mind however turned plotting to learn how she could make this work. She sat and carved into a skull she'd found talking to it as she thought out loud and then it sank in. To banish Reaver they also had to banish her mother the mystic dragon Melashin. Few if any of the dragons remained, Natalia had played her part in ensuring that. And so the wishes of such a dragon were in high demand and greed was a consuming sin for many. The demonic bringer of malice began the hike to the stadiums. There was nine of the large colleseums one for every 'level of hell'. Somewhere deep in the island was a vault. A unpeneatrable unbreakable container that could hold enough blood to fill all of these stadiums. Various hour glasses were scattered around the island indicating how close she was to filling it. And so it was forged......Vine Hell Championship a tournament of hellish design forming a chance, a ladder, a vine to ascend back into the lands that were hers to rule.

For one thousand nine hundred years the games were held the time to be free growing closer and closer. Last years tournament was a tag team consisting of sixty four teams and one hundred twenty eight contestants. Serial killers, saints, demons, angels, monsters, paladins, undead wariors you name it they were there. One team though captured the audiance a young angel by the name of Destiny and Dark elf named Serenity had been paired together. They were on totally opposite sides of wants and tactics but flowed together in a way that seemed subliminal. No matter the foes speed or strength the pair butchered what came at them. A sisterhood forming between the two untill after all those grueling battles that soaked the stadiums in blood the two had come to the final round. Here they had to forsake all their work, exploit what they learned and dual eachother. This battle waged with a ferocity rarely seen in the ring, the dual suffering many back lashes that slaughtered even the audiance. A fact which only made the crowd cheer even more in excitment. Knowing eachother inside and out the two fought untill the time had finished. And just as they were out of time the two had paused. Each ready to make the kill the angel was down but her glistening blade was poised at the elf's throat. While the elf had her hands raised, a series of rocks spears of ice orbs of fire and criss crossing winds that would cut steel hovered in the air. There was one thing though that seperated them that Reaver saw.

"We have reached a tie, I've only the choice to crown each of you the victor. Nique the dark elf we know as Serenity I would like you to stay on call as my latest champion." The elf nodded and then looked to the woman in revealing robes that aproached her. "That there is Melashin make your wish. Then Destiny it is your turn you've shown serious greatness! Its just harder for me to like ya you know?"

"I want the experience to be the apsolute master of the elments that I can bend. So that next time I enter the ring I can be ready to be the leader of my revived people." In a swirling vortex of elements that began to rip through Nique's body the dark elf restrained from giving in. Untill finally the elemental storm fadded and water flowed inbetween the wounds and flesh and muscle began to rejuvenate. The robed woman turning then to the angel.

"I wan't your daughter to be wiped from existance." The cloaked woman shook her head mouthing the words 'it can not be'. Sighing the angel looked back up at the dragon disquised in her human form. "Then I want to live as long as she does, I will see that fiend fall." So it was that an angel and rival of the daughter of Death was now bound to the demons soul.

But there was reason for all to fear for the hour glass was nearly full. By Natalia's calculations two kills next tournament, two kills and she would be set free. Soon the darkness would be revisited, the horror reborn and the game would evolve into a nightmare amongst the many....

(Not my finest but now you know the history of the game. And what it is the sweet acting monstrosity is in pursuit of.)

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