Styles and Gear

Reapuskujin translated loosely as the Reaping Style. This focuses primarily on large murderous arcs. Which translates well both against many and singular foes. As each attack covers a larger surface area then most. Inspired by the Grim Reaper it also focuses on critical points often aiming to remove lims, split a person in half or removal of ones head. The style also incorporates the use of flight and speed to improve damage output.

Imorteelen translates loosely to the Ressurecting Style. Using this fighting method one embraces pain. They welcome damage to a point that they almost enjoy it. This permits one with an ability to shrug off most wounds and likely recover soon after. The central point of this style though is in the regenerative properties that tend to lock a weapon in place. The weapon now unable to be moved from the Imorteelen user by the opponent. This disarms them and thus allows often a critical counter.

Nova Scythe

This blade contains the standard scythe, a double bladed varient, twin sickle varient(by spliting the double), daggers(by rotating blades upward), axe(by bringing both sickle blades to the top), spear(bringing blade upwards, and the staff(removing the blades). Its also wise to note the blade could be doubled if a singular form. Composed of Marrus, a hell like variation of Moljoner the blade has shown capable of cutting through anything and being near indistructable. It can be summoned(flys to) or spawned(teleported to) by Reaver at any given time. The blade also responds to the powers of Reaver. This means if it were damaged it would recover, and it can be used to generate even more potent variations of Reaver's ability.

Skull Gauntlets can form shields, blades(up to sword length), gloves(clawed, knuckle covering, spiked), and even a whip fifteen feet long, and a cross bow varient(uses souls to form arrows that deal added spirit damage). These are also made of Marrus and are worn at all times. And just like the scythe they can be used to channel the powers of Reaver.

Armour of Dawn is made of demonic dragon bone. As such it can expand or lower itself in size, regenerate in time, and is highly durable it can also mimic a fabric like structure. Its usualy in a more provocative state covering little of the demon, though can become a full set of armor with a thought. It may also grow spikes limbs tentacles etc

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