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Alias Name: Reaver

Name: Dreya

Age: 15

Height: 5'4

Weight: 115

Hair Color: Red and Black occasionally usually ash blond

Eye Color: green

Powers: Black Blood: is a defensive mutation providing durability and limited rejuvenation along with being controllable. The durability primarily is there to keep body intact from Dreya's speed. That said by default this helps take punches and bullets. Often her wounds unless major are covered in a black scab keeping her from bleeding out. Though far from perfect it does help survivability till she can revive later in the day. Super Speed: is simple it's the ability to run at up to five thousand miles per hour. With it comes of course the reflexes and senses to handle such. Spirit Magic: this gift stems not from herself but from a demonic force fighting for her soul. This is what allows her to stitch herself back together it also provides a variety of spiritual attacks. These include soul suture which binds individuals to the ground and if done by touch can bind a person entirely. An additional technique involves channeling her spirit to construct her signature scythe of an almost mono molecular edge and able to recover any damage. After the collection of enough souls it's believed she'll uncover grander attacks particularly targeting purity or darkness.

Bio: Dreya was for quite sometime just a straight A student living a relatively easy going life. That was until not so long ago she found herself kicked from track do to an apparent mutation. Being that time of month she also uncovered her blood to be black her inquisitive mind quickly taking time in the day to learn the meaning behind this. Upon telling her parents in the car the surprise leading to a fatal accident. During the incident Dreya received a wound that removed her left eye. As she was near death the entity known as Reaver took hold granting her a chance to go on both as a gift and a curse. Without family and believed dead her life's far more eventful but accompanied by sating an inner demon through violence.

Noticeable Sutures Upon power Use: (these appear as glowing faint lights resembling stitching.) around the left eye.