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CVNUCode Name: Reaver

Name: Natasha Lilith Moxy Morbida

Monikers: Nat, Mox, Morbid, Rav, Lilith, Lily

Title: Deaths Child, Scorn

Age: 2.135

Height: 6'2

Weight: 130

Hair Color: Red or Green

Eye Color: Green or Red

Powers: Hellfire Generation and manipulation: the ability to genererate and manipulate all variations of fire. This includes a mix of hellish types as well. These include Psyfire which increases synaptic response to deliver a dozen times the pain. Mindfire which brings out the worst thoughts and memories in people. Warpfire which can be altered into metal. Icefire which generates frostbite instead of burn and lastly so far Reaver has been shown also using Soulfire fire which burns away the soul instead of flesh. Lastly this grants an immunity to fire. NOTE: at this time while on earth she only has the immunity.

Super Strength: Pressumed to be uncalculable

Soul Manipulation: Ability to alter steal control or destroy ones soul as well as construct things from it.

Flight: By wings usualy black feathered in color though can be bat like as well as white

Reality Warping: Allowing the use of teleportation breaking dimensional laws etc. NOTE: can't be used at this time besides telekinesis telepathy, manipulation of her age and teleporting.

Dissruption: The ability to destroy things on an atomic level. NOTE: currently tedious to use.

Regeneration: Ability to heal from so far any wound inflicted. On top of this wounds that fall from the body can be used to make more of herself. Lastly she can also reattach limbs and possesses blood manipulation.

Weakness: Pure Souls/Religious beings

NOTE: at this time she exists on Earth do to the child Lilly Morbidith. Should something happen to Lilly it might compromise Natasha. Lilly does however have the same powers as Natasha.

Transportation: Flight/Teleportation

Fighting Style: The Reapuskujin and Imorteelen

Bio: Legend says she is the daughter of Death and thus the deity of apsolute ruin. Stories say that she slaughtered for centuries to prove herself. Only to be betrayed by the mighty allfather. Banished to do what was thought and imposible task. Legend tells though that one day that task will be done and so she will be the undoing of the world. For more see blogs and Vine Hell Championship(Weapons Armor and fighting style are detailed there)

CVUName: Natasha Latro(thief in Latin) Roxom

Age: ??? through means of the warp she is never a stable age. One day she may be an adult the next a child. Nobody will ever know her real age.

Height: Average between 3'2" to 5'6" though through souls she was able to boost it to 9'6"


Eye Color: Smoldering Black(ocasionally grey disguised)

Hair Color: Green(ocasionally blond disguised)

Powers:Soul absorbing/manipulating on a massive level. This permits healing, possession, boosting strength/speed/stamina and creation of physical objects. Teleportion by means of a sub plain of existence permits her to travel rapidly as well as store things in her own room not apart of the universe. Lastly she has the ability to manipulate fire(includes being fire proof) and metal.

Weapons: Luna is the physical embodiment of Natasha she doesn't waver from pain nothing slows her down. Rather it is damage to Luna that harms her, the weapon made of uru is hard to harm and Reaver's style of fighting makes it even more challenging. Normally it is seen as a ax design

Bio: Born of Shadow Thief and Azrael Reaver is a soul reaper plain and simple. A woman who by unknown means already has over six million souls aquired. While affectionate with family and friends shes mostly just passive or destructive. Not much is going to physically harm her and Natasha knows she has an eternity to live so why bother rushing or panicing. This makes her often come off as cold because she simply has no reason to care. In a fight though she is the polar opposite a rampaging tank of a individual. She often dives head first into conflicts advancing like a juggernaught. Massacring in mass a beautiful Arch Valkrie of Death as she likes to call herself.

Hex has deducted that during REM sleep Nat is controled by some precarious means and as such ravaging souls. How however is something none of them have been able to decipher. Some how traversing time and universes without knowing, again though the how alludes them. It does however explain how one day she might apear five years old while the next in her thirties. What they do know however is that she is older then any of them can tell despite her childish or teenage attiude and apearence.

The Host(unless stated otherwise this is who should be seen)

Name: Moxeiara Jord

Alias: Cat, Moxy, Reaver

Age: 69

Height:5'0 grows to 5'6 in more animalistic form

weight: 73 lb. 130 lb.

Eye Color: Green cat like

Hair Color: golden fur black spots

Species: Guardian Demigod

Powers: Superhuman strength twenty five tons easy, fifty exhaustion. Superhuman Durability not that impressive in comparison to other gods or demigods Moxy requires damage equivalent of a high caliber rifle to have any real effect on her. Stamina could fight for days without tiring. Immortality, like most gods wont die unless decapitated. Unlike the others she doesn't have much luck tapping into other plains and the more spiritual matters. She makes up for this though with her more natural abilities as the guardian of nature. Anywhere besides Midgaurd Moxy has abilities over the forrest and fauna. At all times she has super speed(light speed) agility and reflexes to match. Balance slightly higher still thanks to her cat nature. Senses are remarkably high as a animal based goddess, the best comparison being to Fenris. Force Fields born of a Midguard warrior and Jord she was a Demi and thus not as strong in many attributes of others. This was balanced though by animal nature and the ability to create constructs with her mind. Capable of letting Moxy run until tired at full speed without being weary and or harmed. Claws, fangs, tail(which she can use as another hand) animal dexterity allowing her to also use feet if she wished or needed. Animal control/talk

Animal Form and being a Host: being possessed full transformation can't be made. Instead when transformed she isn't boosted so much as given into rage and the tactics of her possessor. Moxy doesn't know she is possessed and reacts to pain naturally. When in the animal form however the pain receptor switches off. Her staff functioning as her life more so then her body.

Weakness: The greatest downfall of Moxy is inexperience as a young goddess. Trained with her weapons animal life and the forrest and that is about all.

Weapon: Jaluna Staff, looking like a staff the weapon also can unfold into a bow that fires magic arrows. Be broken down into two sword long sticks, and has a retractable blade on each end length of a dagger.

Bio: Moxy was born to Jord the goddess of earth and to a warrior that Freyja had found truly admirable. Earth's goddess and the warrior fell for each other and conceived a child. A cheetah looking guardian for the forests, a youthful wild thing from the day she was born. The short furry vixen always quick on her feet and hyper. Raised to do her part but otherwise allowed to live a rather lenient existence. Late at night awhile back undetected by anyone and thing a soul reaper took interest in the girl. Natasha Latro silently finding home in the animals mind. Because of this Moxy a usually respective and loving creature has shown sign of a mean streak. The only sign that things might not be as they should be.