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I remeber how excited i was when Avengers West coast #50 came out w/ the return of the Torch and throught he years  I have enjoyed the issues that he popped in even the lows when he supposidly lost his powers.  But his death in new invaders is unconvincing and shallow.  Since he survived worse like a detonation of a hydrogen bomb and I'm hoping with the Avengers/Invaders mini that Marvel returns the Torch /and Toro or just one, but both would be better to current continuity.  The Torch will return that I have no doubt, just when?

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does anybody else believe that at the end of the invader/ avengers mini that marvel will restablish toro in mainstream.  Hopefully the return of the Torch as well I still do not buiy the whole death of Torch by Tara in new invaders.  He has survived worse.   But Toro death was never really complete.  No body found and a person that ignites into flames dying in a propulsion system of a ship even if its the mad thinkers .  Yeah Right?  Marvel did try previously to return Toro with a unfinished plot thread in West Coast Avengers w the Torch and Toros wife, and the mysterious figure that acted like Toro same powers who was a vagabond in later issues of  Power Pack.  What does everybody think?

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last we saw he wasported away by abyss I hope that x-cell reappears soon.   I have always thought reaper was a decent charector in x-force but it wasn't until the all new exiles by malibu that i became rivited to the clown w a scythe.  After he was returned to the Marvel universe no writer has been able to cultivate the charector and use him like malibu did.

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i like the sentry i don't care how many people wana scream kill him or hes a superman knockoff I personally really enjoy the Sentry.  Its just something when hes put in the proper hands like Paul jenkens he can make the Sentry work.  just like Omeing did with Ares.  Bendis has not really fleshed out the sentry enough to know how to properly use him other that hit things and throw them in the sun.  The whole watchtower  & Cloc is as integral as Lindy and the Void is to the sentry.

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i agree so far i like what i read and the writing does an acurate portryal of that time.  I look forward to the diversity that blue Marvel will add to the marvel pantheon.  no anti-man not sure of yet seems unfullfilling yet.  I know a hero is only as good as their villians

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 with his recent return to marvel continuity with what seems biogenetic upgrades to his eyes and maybe other areas he is now part of the x-brain trust to solve the no more mutant problem anybody else.

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when this book came out i bought it then and was riveted to Darkhawk.  As the years have passed Marvel was not exactly freindly or willing for growth of him or sleepwalker.   last couple of years have been different and ever since Nova and news of major plans to reenergize Darkhawk into a major marvelpowerhouse.  I for one am extatic over the develpmental turn that Marvel is pushing  for the ebon hawk of the night.

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He is not dead. He reappeared in Carvel Comics presents surviving hulk 161 by mimicking wolverine power who was near staking out the hulk.  Then you got him in x-force 46, 52  setting him up as a herald of onslaught, Excalibur 121-5, X-51 1-3 and uncanny x-men during the search for xavier with the brotherhood then depowered  and then repowered.  The mimic is my favorite X-man, if hes in it i have it.   The bone claws would be wolverines but I don't think he can mimic metal like adamantium.  Calvins father was part of the team that bonded it to Logan.  Cals dad even looked at wolverine in the one issue and told him at least one of his subjects was a sucsess. But in MCP Cal had metal claws not just bone, so it stands to reason cals dad may have experimented on him as well. 
I hope they bring him back soon to, and hopefully on a X-roster, Last seen he was captured by the T-bolts and still in the folding castle.

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I was at first hesitant of this book, now after reading a few articles I'm excited to see what they do and how they incorporate him, hopefully not as long as it took for the Sentry

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'm loving the concept of the series but JMS is dragging a few things out.
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