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510151 Kenshiro Character Overview Like usual some fanboys added powers that Kenshiro don't have. I just cleaned up... 08/18/14 12:41PM 7 Approved
510123 Blade Character Overview Just a comment : There is some differences with other wiki about Blade http://marvel.wikia.com/Eric_Brooks_(Earth-616) On this one they said that he can't regenerate missing limbs or organs. And I have read a long time ago that he could react with superhumans reflexes according to his 50 years of martial arts training. Where is the "truth" ? 08/18/14 09:29AM 1 Denied
417838 Dead End Character Overview I am french and I have read the first tw ocomics. You can send me a message for more answers about it. 04/24/14 09:47AM 45 Approved