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@strangeling: I didn't do anything to be antagonistic. I have a negative opinion of the show and don't get how people, especially those who have read the comic, like it. Same as you. I have watched every episode of this pile of crap show right up to the last couple. I couldn't take it anymore and deleted the recording from my DVR.

For those who say it isn't watered down and pg-13 I say I disagree. The governor has been toned WAAAAAY down from the comic. They replace the truly graphic and horrifying violence human survivors perpetrate on each other with splashy zombie kill shots and think that makes up for it. I really wanted this show to be good but it is not. Deal with it. If you want a zombie based soap opera this show is for you. If you want THE WALKING DEAD you should read the comic.

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This show sucks SO BAD. This watered down pg-13 version of the comic is unwatchable. Anyone who thinks this show is awesome 1) needs their head examined or 2) has never read the comic. Seriously, if you like this show, stop watching, go to a comic shop and buy the first couple trades. You will never watch this pile of crap show again.