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Comedian 3 0

This mini series has been a lot of fun so far. This third issue really used the build up of the Comedians character to tell a fast pasted issue well. A lot is going on, but keeps the pace righ at the same pace of your interest and wanting to know what's next. The connection to the Comedian and the current events of its time is great story telling!! The LA riots in this issue. A little bit of scandle with in the scandle in this issue. I also will always rember this one for the on liner from the C...

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The Activity 8 0

The Activity treats the military and the members as professionals who are completly dedicated to their work. It also shows a bit of the personal hardship the team members have to handle in thier personal lives, because of their jobs. It's always a different kind of issue when the mission is unsuccessful. The action is there, and the tension to accomplish the lager mission at hand grows. The Activty has had that real people feel to it. This issue continues that. Plus we just know these set bac...

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The Massive #4 0

In this issue we. Get a lot of development of Israel Callum. In a nervous meeting of an old partner of Israel's we learn a bit about his earlier years. The issue also finds Israel having to deal on the black market where he is well know for some of his past activities. I get more and more drwn into this series with each issue....

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Silk Spectre 1-3 0

Each issue of Silk Spectre has been a small adventure while really telling about the character. Cooke delivers in the story like he was expected too. I think Amanda Conner has set the sceen so well with her art. The art has also done a great job of showing the emotions of everyone in the story. I have come to the conclusion that Conner is really the only artist that could have this perfect match for Cooke and this story. Silk Spectre is a great example of why the before watchman titles needed ...

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